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Here are our top sportbooks for you. A rejuvenated Danny Ings has scored 2 goals this season but is yet to score at St Marys Southampton 1. Strange as it may be, some unlicensed providers do actually have positive reputations for payouts and fair games. This did not pass. Our gambling laws date back to the s. Legislative Tracker: Daily Fantasy Sports

Online Sports Betting in Australia

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We will step off our soapbox now, but as you can tell, we take this very seriously because we do care about you and we care about offering you a service that is actually worth something to you. When digging through these sites and looking for the best of the best for our Australian friends, we start by selecting sites that offer service to Australia and offer bets on the sports that are most popular with Aussie fans. This is only the first step, though, and is meant just to get us a viable pool of sports betting sites to choose from.

Once we have this pool, we begin our vetting process by looking for the following list of criteria:. While all of these carry weight, the first three on the list are the most important and are also the ones that we refuse to waver on.

If we even smell a hint of anything bad with these three criteria, the site is blacklisted and will never be recommended to you by us. Online sports betting is supposed to be more convenient and a much more enjoyable and user-friendly experience than with land-based sportsbooks. One bit of strategy advice that we will leave you here is that you may want to look into joining multiple sportsbooks so you can line shop.

You can make the same bet at one casino and get paid out one amount, or make the exact same bet somewhere else and get paid out more money! If you ask any seasoned sports bettor, line shopping is the number one most important tactic and strategy that you must employ if you have any hopes or dreams of making money by sports betting.

The only excuse not to line shop is laziness or an odd hatred of money. One of the biggest questions a lot of newer sports bettors have is in regard to the legality of sports betting online in Australia. While the legislation is always changing, the landscape is fairly bright for sports bettors. Sports betting and other forms of gambling ARE legal in Australia. One of the most important gambling laws to pay attention to in Australia has to do with taxes.

There are NO taxes on gambling or sports bet winnings in Australia. We can tell you that the rest of the world is pretty jealous of this. That actually might be an understatement. Hopefully, you now have a much better picture of the sports betting landscape available to Australians and how to find the best sites that fit your needs.

It has made progress when compared to the United States, but is far behind European countries. The main form of legislation that covers online gambling in Australia is the Interactive Gambling Act. It was enacted in The Act only covers the actions of companies offering gambling, not players.

Australia law forbids the marketing of unregulated online forms of gambling. No such law covers the action of players at gaming sites. Sports betting, racing and lotteries are the only forms of online gambling that are legal under the Interactive Gambling Act.

There are restrictions on what companies may spread in terms of games. The main internet games specifically permitted by law to Australian betting shops involve sports and racing. Traditional pari-mutuel betting on horses is legal for online betting. Sports wagers that involve straight bets, parlays, teasers and futures are also completely legal. The only sports betting niche not legal under the Interactive Gambling Act in on-play.

Australia passed the Interactive Gambling Act in The country enacted this law to deal with the explosion of online gambling during that era. The Interactive Gambling Act banned companies from marketing online poker and casino games. It effectively barred Australian gaming companies from accepting players from within the country for those services.

Australian gambling sites are specifically permitted to offer poker and casino games to players outside of the country. The main condition of this exclusion is that these sites must add other countries to the excluded list upon request from the government.

This did little to prevent online gambling in Australia. Online poker and casino sites located outside the country entered it and accepted Australian players. This annoyed local betting shops that were unable to accept players at restricted games from inside the country.

Australian betting companies are permitted to enter sports betting and racing. Those forms of gaming have a long history of popularity in Australia. Companies that operate bricks-and-mortar shops may accept online sports wagers. The only exception to the online sports betting exemption is in-play betting. This is where bets are placed on games that are in-progress.