How does MMA/UFC betting work?

When Does it Happen? The more a fighter is an underdog, the larger the over-under is, and the more money will be won if he wins. MacPherson Sep 16, at Make sure you train in stand up and ground and of course some mad sports training. I know that Marvis is a big man, I think he was even bigger than Tyson, largely from lifting weights.. Report Abuse


Best Sportsbook for Betting MMA?

Oct 25, Messages: I can't believe you actually tried that code. To answer your question, I have no idea. You probably do have to officially bet in something before you get the free money. That money probably can only be used on that website.

ThatGuy , Aug 2, Jun 24, Messages: Yeah you probably only get it after you put money on your account or some shit. Nothings free, or people would just make a bunch of accounts and bet on both sides. Yari , Aug 2, Apr 17, Messages: LMAO would you truly believe a convicted delinquent like Sonnen?

Mammothman , Aug 2, Only Here for Attachments likes this. Aug 10, Messages: Humboldt County by way of Philadelphia. D'z , Aug 2, May 30, Messages: You also know there is usually some form of rollover requirement for promo's like these, right? JimGunn Sep 16, at 1: Yotsuya Sep 16, at I put some serious money on Conor mcdowels , Sep 15, at UFN bets Sadistics , Sep 14, at 1: Karmello Sep 15, at 4: PuertoRican Sep 15, at 3: Karmello Sep 15, at 5: Roads55 Sep 15, at 5: How much money you've lost betting on a fight?

KazDibiase , Sep 13, at 4: LogicalInsanity Sep 12, at 3: Naught2Sixty Sep 11, at 3: Any1 here that uses bovada is their betting website JkMMA , Aug 31, JkMMA Sep 9, Sadistics Sep 9, How to make 7k from 15p clivers , Sep 8, SOAzmayesh Sep 9, Crazy low risk high odd bet 15p 11fold clivers , Sep 8, Blossom's Hat , Sep 8, Sharkey , Apr 27, Sharkey Sep 6,