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The selected names roughly correspond to the location of the four cities hosting the regional finals. Retrieved 18 March Thus, after the first weekend, 16 teams remain, commonly known as the "Sweet Sixteen. All information provided by this website is for news and entertainment purposes only. Understanding strengths and weaknesses leads to a very profitable hobby that turned into a profession. Team Menu: Hawaii Warriors

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Chambers wants a jury trial, and is also seeking compensation for injuries, damages, costs and expenses. According to Chambers, Haas lied about having an STD, infected her and has also infected several other women. It should be noted that police records show that Haas was never criminally investigated for knowingly transmitting STDs. Chambers and Haas reportedly had a brief sexual encounter in May. Two weeks later, Chambers was diagnosed with an STD. Chambers indicated in a civil filing that she was only having sexual encounters with Haas during the time frame in which she may have been infected.

The filing also purports that Haas did admit to Chambers that he had an STD, but that it had been diagnosed and treated before their tryst. As far as Chambers knew, Haas was clean. According to the basketball star, he was tested, diagnosed and treated multiple times by them before being told he was clean. The third defendant, Millsaps, is a mutual acquaintance of Haas and Chambers who allegedly tried to help Haas cover up the ordeal when she first learned about it.

But she wants to not only ruin my life, but others around me, and put her name out there like that? Posting his best season as a player, in which he Considering how long court proceedings, hearings and trials can take, this issue is unlikely to be resolved by the NBA draft in June. Rick Pitino Admits It: Before this controversy, Haas was viewed by many as a mid-to-late-second-round pick. Saturday, October 7, , Not only are emotions going to be key at this point, but so too is the fact that neither of these teams are particularly good.

Hawaii hasn't won a game since beating Western Carolina and UMass to start the season off. Time and time again, Rolovich has tried to play around with his secondary, but the bottom line is that he only has seven scholarship players in his entire secondary, and there isn't anywhere near enough experience here to contend with any of the top passing attacks that the MWC has to offer. Not surprisingly, Hawaii is allowing opposing quarterbacks to account for a beefy The question is whether Nevada can take advantage of this or not.

The Wolf Pack are and are averaging just Long gone are the days of the patented Pistol running all over teams in the Mountain West, as this team is averaging just 3.

If the Wolf Pack are going to turn this year around, though, this is the spot to do it. If not, there's a serious threat of a winless campaigning, knowing that Idaho State and Fresno State have already beaten up Nevada rather inexplicably this season. Ty Gangi is getting a second chance at a fresh start for this Nevada offense. He really is the only viable option under center on the roster, though the team has experimented with both Kaymen Cureton and David Cornwell, too.

Gangi is a respectable runner, but his throwing skills flat out aren't there. He's completing just Gangi is going to have to be a lot better than that as this season wears on, but even if he isn't, the options aren't there to replace him. We're not sure that the starting quarterback for this team next year is on the roster at this point, and that's telling with three men who aren't seniors having already thrown the ball at least 13 times in five games.