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Contents List of Betting sites accepts player from South Africa: Horse racing was also proclaimed gambling activity. According to the study the most popular forms of gambling in South Africa were the National Lottery Legality of Sports Betting in Africa

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Online sports betting is legal in South Africa

Even when laws do apply strictly to online sports betting these are used to go after the sites and not the members of said site. Will online sports gambling ever be regulated one day? Chances are that it will but it will likely be the last of the three major forms of online gaming being discussed these days The short answer is yes, NFL betting is legal in all 50 states.

The long answer is far more detailed but the basics can be summed up rather quickly. State law on the matter is almost non-existent outside of a few states because federal law had supremacy and superseded it.

When PASPA existed, states simply relied on that sports betting ban instead of legislating their own corresponding bans. Therefore, there was no need for state laws.

Federal law only deals with the operation of sportsbooks and not the act of placing a bet. So, is NFL betting legal online? Yes, and several states where land-based sports betting is already legal like New Jersey, Delaware, and Mississippi, among others are actively trying to get online NFL betting live by the start of the NFL season. However, for the majority of Americans, the best online football betting sites are outside of U.

The betting age in the United States is not consistent. States have decided that the gambling age should be either 18 or 21, but as far as which states implement which age it's up to the local government. When applying the betting age to online sports betting sites, there are a couple of factors to consider. The first is that the sportsbook is based offshore. They are not under federal or state jurisdiction.

Therefore they have their own age. But many sites will also state that the local gambling age must be met in addition to their age as well. While we state that it is perfectly fine and safe to place sports bets online in the United States , we are not lawyers and suggest that anyone with concerns to contact a legal professional.

We are simply avid bettors who follow this industry and have the knowledge most do not. Using the information at hand and a little common sense, we offer our opinions and conclusions on this matter. Satisfied with the info we've presented so far? Good because this section is dedicated to covering the places where it is legal, if not extremely safe, to make a wager online.

These websites have gained a reputation for being legit and it's not something they're willing to compromise to increase their bottom line. Our staff has active accounts at these bookmakers and routinely risk their own money when making picks. One of the best places that USA players can go for legal online sports betting is at Bovada Sportsbook. This betting site truly epitomizes exactly what a sportsbook should be. They have betting odds that cover all of the most popular sports in the U.

Bovada allows bettors from every state but five to create an account - Maryland, New York, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware cannot create accounts.

Those states which are allowed will be able to participate in legal online sports betting at on the top-rated spot around. BetOnline has some great features for bettors to check out.

Along with being a legal sports betting outlet for American players, account holder and prospective bettors are able to access the site from just about anywhere now.

Through the use of mobile betting, BetOnline has expanded its operation into the realm of mobile devices. And though there is no official iPhone or Android BetOnline app for American customers, the site has gone the extra mile to craft a first-rate mobile browser interface for streamlined odds selection and one-tap wagering.

Complete access to BetOnline can be had through mobile betting, as betting lines for all of their sports and other sections like casino games, poker rooms, and international racebooks can be accessed.

The offshore online sportsbooks we mention offer betting lines on not just American sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and collegiate sports, but they also have lines on international soccer leagues, cricket, and a ton of other globally popular sports. The variety of wagers and wager types available is simply incredible. Just like the deposit options available, the top offshore online wagering sites offer up several different withdrawal methods to choose from.

All of these payout options vary regarding how long they take to get to you and how much each avenue costs in terms of added service and transfer fees. While the official wording of the document states, and I quote; "The term "wire communication facility" means any and all instrumentalities, personnel, and services among other things, the receipt, forwarding, or delivery of communications used or useful in the transmission of writings, signs, pictures, and sounds of all kinds by aid of wire, cable, or other like connection between the points of origin and reception of such transmission.

The following description of PASPA is included here as a historical reference of this woefully misguided law: Even though online casino gambling continues to be illegal within South Africa, there are a good number of operators outside the South African borders that continue to offer online casino games to the SA citizens. Not only do they welcome South African players, a good number of them even offer various special promotions, rewards and bonuses in Rands to them.

Many of these online casino businesses are registered in countries like Gibraltar, Guernsey, Malta etc. The online gambling laws of South Africa mainly target the online casinos and not the individual players.

As per NGB, the responsibility of running such operations rests solely with the operators and the banking establishments which help them process payments. Land-based as well as online sports betting through legal and licensed bookmakers is still considered legal in the country, as it has always been. Online sports betting is considered legal in the country only due to the fact that Internet is perceived only as a medium for facilitating betting activities, and the actual outcomes of the events are decided in the real world.

Any activity that fiddles with the natural outcome of the sports events is dealt with appropriately by the laws. Hence, to summarise, although online casino gambling is considered illegal in South Africa, there is no such restriction on the online sports betting activities.

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