MLB DRAFT: Early Look at Top Collegiate Prospects in Class of 2018

Over the second half of the season, Seigler has been outstanding at the plate, batting. One of my big questions heading into the college season is pretty straightforward: He demonstrated his offensive abilities with a. A Closer Look - September 15, 2018

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The other major piece in the Chris Sale bounty, Kopech refined his delivery around the All-Star break and it resulted in a drastic improvement in his walk rate 1st half: Kopech has it all, an elite triple-digit fastball, a nasty slider, an Adonis build, and the confidence of an early career Kenny Powers.

He still needs to refine his offerings somewhat, but the total package is a potential top-of-the-rotation fantasy ace. I would not, could not take a pitcher. I will not take a Whitley in a house, I will not take a Honeywell with a mouse. I do not like to draft an arm. And so you see, I had no choice, but to draft the precocious kid named Royce! This has been a prospect-heavy offseason for me and I have become increasingly enamored with Lewis. He checks nearly every box for me — mature approach, draft pedigree, age-adjusted production, useable speed and projectable power.

Last year I got Cody Bellinger at No. Whitley raced to Double-A in his first full pro season while averaging There are a couple of bats that intrigue me, but I absolutely adore Gore as a prospect. Brinson is MLB ready, with tools for days and a chance to be the increasingly rare steals source with the ability to hit for both average and power.

The last of the 8-figure bonus babies, Robert is the heir apparent to the hyped Cuban prospects of the past. The biggest unknown to be selected thus far, Robert should make his stateside debut this spring, as many have pegged the year-old Cuban for a full-season assignment out of camp. His professional debut in the Dominican Summer League produced a slashline of. He was able to accomplish all of that despite dealing with some nagging injuries.

His compact yet powerful swing generates plus bat speed, and his baserunning, power, and pitch recognition skills have all garnered plus grades. Robert is a true five-category star in the making. Actually, do they still sell those air fresheners with hunky guys on them? Making me choose is just not fair. I look forward to seeing more of him with the big club in My plan was to float one of the toolsy, high-upside outfielders to my next pick.

Honeywell should have pitched in the majors last year, but, reasons. I might need to target some upside volatility with my next pick, but I love having two players who can get it done who are close to the big-league level so far.

I took Calhoun here because, well, I wanted to write about Calhoun here. He has a deceptive amount of strength for a smaller guy, and he pairs outrageous hand-eye with vicious bat speed and leverage to create consistent loud contact, particularly to the pull side. Players that hit for this type of power and speed combination are rare. A potential fantasy star here. All the year-olds in full-season Low-A. Like my first rounder, Tatis, Soto excelled at this level where he was far younger than his competition—though his sample was much smaller due to injuries that kept him mostly out of action after May.

But my look and reports from others were stellar: The Nats spent a ton of money on Soto as an international sign several years ago, and think it will come out looking like a wise investment. Classic me, hoarding all the Yankees prospects. I have a major sadz after getting sniped on Soto, but Florial has plenty of fantasy star potential in his own right.

His approach and age mean Florial is unlikely to have a linear ascent to the majors, but his power, speed and hit tool make him one of the few remaining guys with legit OF1 upside. I might have to wait a while to see any impact, but Florial has a homer, steal ceiling. With his potentially plus-plus fastball and curveball serving as a dominant punch, Keller could be fantasy relevant immediately.

Coming into , Kingery was seen as a good hitter with impact speed. However, he proceeded to hit 26 home runs in games after hitting just eight home runs in his previous games. The one lock is that he will be a threat to steal plus bases annually, which pairs nicely with my first-round pick, Eloy Jimenez. One way or another Kingery should be in the majors playing every day at some point in the first half. Puk , LHP, Athletics. Some folks will focus on the control issues and the potential for an unattractive WHIP.

On the other hand, he has multiple things going for him: To put it differently: That last one is very important, as if he can keep his major-league strikeout rate to around 20 percent, he can be a. That is tasty at any position. Baseball Prospectus uses cookies on this website. He was ranked fairly high in preliminary rankings last year prior to missing the entire year.

Some video of his start here: Also video of Gilbert's outing: Ranked 26 on MLB. He's a large human at 6'5 lbs, so questions surround whether he can stay at 3B. BA piece on Gilbert's start yesterday: Another guy I stumbled on that look interesting is D. Artis OF out of Liberty University. The question on him is that he plays in the Big South Conference, but he's done nothing but hit and get on base in his college career. That line was supported by an He was also named the Big South Player of the Year.

He has plus bat speed and his bat stays in the hitting zone a long time. He produces a lot of line-drive contact right now, but his ultimate ceiling going forward will depend on his power development.

One to watch to see if he gets more attention as we get closer to the draft. Video of McClanahan's start from Saturday via baseball: Ryan Rolison with some notes on his previous start: The draft-eligible sophomore dominated in his first outing of , striking out a career-high 12 hitters through five shutout innings in a win against Winthrop on two walks and a hit.

Rolison recorded six straight whiffs at one point in the game, doing nothing to change his status as one of the top southpaws in the Draft. He worked between to mph on Friday, settling in around to mph. The fastball gets on hitters very quickly thanks to a deceptive delivery and closed front-side. Rolison will get more bad swings on his lows heater than most, as his tough angle and late riding life make it hard for hitters to barrel up.

He worked with a two-pitch mix on Friday, throwing just his fastball and a long-tilted slider in the lows that projects as a solid-average breaking ball.

While his raw stuff is nothing to sneeze at, that level of present pitchability—along with his control and command—is what I came away most impressed with. The way he looked on Friday, he could pitch against Double-A hitters with his fastball and slider right now, though scouts will want to see more of a full three-pitch mix given his back-rotation profile.

Rolison has the ceiling of a reliable, strike-throwing lefty starter, and has the polish to move through the low-minors quickly. A lot of notes here from McDaniel on the draft: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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