ESPN Super Bowl XLIX expert picks

Ryan Clark praises Blake Bortles' ability to lead the Jaguars to victory with Jeff Saturday adding that the Jags acted like the better team. New England, but admits they can still improve. Their defense ranked first in the NFL in fewest points allowed and their offense was tied at first in rushing yards 2, Brady later completed a yard pass to Edelman on third-and-nine, and eventually finished the drive with a yard touchdown pass to receiver Brandon LaFell. Quick Links

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Lately, Belichick has been determined to run the ball. Last week against the Colts, Blount ran the ball 30 times for yards and three touchdowns. I predict that the Patriots stay with the same formula, and continue to hand him the pigskin. The reporters are going to hate interviewing Lynch after the game, especially since the Seahawks tailback is prone to give rote answers monotonously over and over again to any and all questions.

With the Patriots keying in on Wilson in hopes of generating some of the same mistakes Green Bay was able to muster, there will be space on the ground for a full Beast Mode performance. This game could become a battle of tailbacks despite the two talented quarterbacks, and if that happens look for Lynch to steal the show in all his crotch-grabbing, Skittles-throwing glory.

Wilson has accepted the challenge and could cement his name among the NFL greats this season. This season I feel that the voting has already been cast, so long as the Seahawks pull out the victory. The defense as a whole has stepped up big time for the Hawks, especially against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game, but Wilson has been the nail in the coffin every single time his team has needed him.

Adam Solowiei — Kam Chancellor.