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We are not comfortable getting into all of these things. He has worked for a number of top bookmakers including Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral. Many people have seen in the media some type of story or show that involved greyhound racing. FREE Real-time racing information: Top Rated U.S. Friendly Greyhound Betting Site

Ranking and Reviewing Greyhound Betting Sites

Top 6 Greyhound Racing Bookmakers

Both horse racing and dog racing were specifically mentioned in the UIGEA and were given a free pass. Most states decided to allow online racing betting, but a few states did opt out. You can see the list of states that allow online greyhound betting below.

Online poker, sports betting and casino games were not so lucky. Horse and dog racing sites managed to get their exemptions and have been running in the open in the US ever since. So why did horse and dog racing get exemptions from the law?

Well, it was most likely a result of political clout. Horse and dog tracks have strong connections with politicians in their states and were able to plead their cases to the powers that be. Additionally, dog and horse racing tracks rely on betting revenue to stay in business. Internet betting was seen as a way to bring increased viewership and wagers to struggling tracks, which in turn hire people and spur the local economy.

What this means for you is that it is legal to bet at licensed betting sites. Out of those three, only BetAmerica deals with dog racing. Greyhound betting is a form of pari-mutuel wagerin g. What this means is that all wagers of a certain type are pooled together. Then, the payouts are determined based on the amount of action placed on each bet-type after the house take and taxes are removed from the pool.

Parimutuel wagering is a little different than sports betting because the payouts are calculated in real-time as wagers are collected. By comparison, regular sports betting odds are calculated ahead of time. The advantage of parimutuel wagering is that you, the bettor, do not compete against the house. The house gets its cut no matter which dogs win or how the race plays out. Your only competition is the general betting public. Betting on greyhounds is almost identical to betting on horses.

All the same types of bets that you can place on horses can also be placed on greyhounds. There are two main categories that all greyhound bets fall under: As you can see, they are all pretty simple.

This bet is usually offered on the first two races of the day and you must place it before the first race begins. Sometimes you will also see Pick 4s and Pick 6s. Those also have the same basic idea except applied to four or six different races. Some dog racing tracks offer special jackpots for the Pick 6 bet.

A racetrack will set up some type of jackpot that grows each day until one person successfully picks the 1 st place finishers of six different races.

A parlay is a chain of bets spread across multiple races. If your first pick wins, the winnings automatically roll over and are applied to the bet on the next race. Parlays are difficult to win but they offer potentially massive prizes. One of the more advanced betting options in dog racing is to box a quinella, trifecta or superfecta.

This bet would allow you to pick four different dogs and then you will win if any two of those dogs take first and second place. You can pick anywhere from 3 to 8 dogs, but the more dogs you box, the more expensive the bet becomes. A keyed bet is similar to a boxed bet in that it allows you to pick multiple dogs.

The difference here is that you pick one dog to take first place and then add 3 or more other dogs to take 2nd and 3 rd place in no particular order. In a superfecta key, you pick one dog to take 1 st and then three or more dogs to take 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th in no particular order. The main thing to keep in mind here is that the key dog MUST take first place; the remaining dogs can finish in any order.

Now that you have a firm grip on how greyhound betting works, the next step is to put your knowledge to the test. This means it is time to find a greyhound betting site. BetAmerica is licensed and regulated in the United States and has a spotless track record for fair wagers and security. BetAmerica also shows as many as live greyhound races every day at no charge to you. The coverage at BetAmerica includes 18 tracks located across 7 states.

There are no fees for signing up, watching video or placing bets. The only money you spend at BetAmerica is the money you risk in your own wagers at true track odds. In fact, you would have a hard time betting on greyhounds even if you were willing to risk your money at offshore sportsbooks. Even the biggest illegal bookmakers that accept US players avoid greyhound racing. Normally, it would be a bad thing to only have one option, but BetAmerica actually does a nice job.

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