Maxwell To Attend 2010 USA Hockey National Junior Evaluation Camp

Other injuries may be more serious and may require additional evaluation with X-rays or an MRI and a longer period of rest combined with supervised rehabilitation and a gradual return to play as symptoms permit. You have to learn how to articulate into words what you would naturally do on the field. Have your players focus on executing hard, accurate, stick-to-stick passes——especially on the cross-ice pass. All players rotate as shown. Herwaarden has been setting a new standard for coaching in the USA. Friday, July 14, 2006

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Sample Hockey Tryout Evaluation Reports

By submitting this form I ask to receive email, texts and calls about degree programs on behalf of Concordia University - Portland, and agree automated technology may be used to dial the number s I provided. I understand this consent is not required to enroll. Save Print Send Download Report. Cues in Learnable Pieces 1. Follow through 2 The students will be aware of their own personal space at all times throughout these activities. Participation 4 The students will respect and cooperate with peers in a positive manner while participating in these activities.

Materials and Equipment Needed for this Lesson: T teacher — will get the students to do a couple of laps around the gymnasium to get the heart pumping. Does not make a call as the ball is approaching the plate or crossing but, after the catcher has caught the ball. Does not showboat or change the mechanics of his call during the course of a game. Voice is loud enough to be heard but does not draw undue attention. Consistency of Strike Zone throughout the game Maintains the same zone throughout the game.

Is the same for both teams from inning 1 to inning 9. Has a grasp of how the zone can be adjusted in lopsided game. Umpires "miss" pitches occasionally, just because an umpire calls a pitch that bounces a strike once does not mean that he should continue to call that pitch a strike in the name of consistency.

Judgment and Interpretation of Strike Zone Interprets and calls the zone to it's written limits. Does not call "unhittable" pitch strikes nor does he have a zone that is too small. Crew Mechanics Has a good knowledge of proper mechanics and rotates in the proper situations and is alert enough to adjust if one of his partners misses coverage. Crew Communications Proper use of verbal and non-verbal communications.

Good eye contact with partners between hitters and during developing plays. Not running when the play happens. Dribbling is used in a number of sports, including soccer and basketball, but it also applies to the game of field hockey. Those who possess a strong upper and middle body will be able to exert a lot of force when they take a shot but accuracy is also an important aspect of field hockey. There are numerous times during active field hockey play when you will need to play the defender.

Even if your team currently has possession of the ball, you still need to defend against the other team and try to gain possession of the ball whenever possible to avoid the other team from scoring. Intercepting is one of the most important field hockey skills and it can only be mastered with regular practice. The easiest way to obtain possession is by intercepting passes that the opposing team attempts to make to another one of their teammates.

As you can see there are several field hockey skills that players should have in order to be the best field hockey player they can be. Developing Your Field Hockey Skills http: