FIBA International Basketball Odds

Conversely, the same window could display a sportsbook with a spread of Money Line Totals Point Spread. If you'd like we can also resend the email to you. Welcome Back!

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This helps to identify if any sportsbook is offering a Point Spread that is particularly attractive for a given opinion in relation to the potential game outcome. For example, if one prefers the favourite and the consensus Point Spread is around For those that like the favourite, this is clearly a better proposition as the favourite needs only to win by 5 points to win the bet. Conversely, the same window could display a sportsbook with a spread of Whether you like the favourite or the underdog, OddsJet helps to find your ideal handicap.

The window that pops up will display all the different Total lines for the associated game from our sportsbooks. For American odds format, note the difference between positive and negative expressions. When the odds are below even-money, a negative number is used. For example, if Team Argentina is favoured heavily on a Money Line, one might see a figure of For the Decimal odds format, simply multiply the stake amount by the decimal odds price to see the full amount that would be returned on a win including the stake amount.

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This account has been banned. We've resent the confirmation email. Your user account has been disabled. Please contact your system administrator to enable the account. According to the brackets and the oddsmakers, Greece is the most likely of opponent for the USA in the Gold Medal game. Argentina won Olympic gold in , but the No. The loss of Manu Ginobili really deals the team a blow. They can still win without Ginobili, but it is hard to imagine them getting through one of the big three, USA, Spain and Greece, without him.

The average height of the team is 6-foot This is a team nobody wants to play. They are tall but they also have one of the youngest teams in the field. Most of these players in their early 20s dominated international competition on the youth level and some were around for a second-place finish in EuroBasket Serbia is a point favorite in its opening game against Angola.

This year Brazil brings with it the most talent it has had in recent memory. The Brazilians have their work cut out for them playing in the same group of the USA, but that also means if they were to survive through the knockout rounds, Brazil would likely avoid the USA until the championship game.