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Horse betting is gaining momentum with its growing online presence, providing accessing to horse races and wagering options that players normally wouldn't be able to participate in due to their limited accessibility to land based race tracks. What makes the 2. Earnhardt led most of his Duel before getting passed on the outside by Hamlin heading to the white flag. The odds aren't as great compared to betting on a driver to win the race straight up, but I like this bet if you have a hot driver that has been finishing in the top 5 as of late. Search form

2017 Daytona 500 Odds to Win


Let's talk about Nascar betting amounts for a moment. At Bodog, you will never be forced to make large auto racing bets. They don't believe in forcing their players to make bets over their comfort level, which is why they have extremely low betting minimums. And since they are online, their betting windows are open every minute of every day of the year - right up until the auto race starts.

Place your wagers when it is most convenient for you-from anywhere in the world. Would you like some free cash today to get you started? Right now, they are giving out free cash bonuses to all new sports bettors. Scoring your free cash is a snap too. Simply register for a new account at Bodog Sports Betting, which only takes a minute. Next, make a deposit of any amount. The more you deposit, the larger your free cash bonus. The free bonus cash they add to your account is real money.

Use it for auto racing betting or any other sports betting you want. It can be cashed out too. It's not play money - it's a real thing. Hamlin won the second Duel last year and won this race back in Overall, he tends to do a good job in the tight conditions of plate races.

He has four top-five finishes in the Daytona dating back to , so he is probably the best price of the lower numbers. The Georgia native has had the pole in this race in two straight years, including a win in the first Duel last year.

Elliott also won the Daytona race on the Xfinity Series back in At the very least, Elliott qualifies well at plate tracks. He also had the pole position in the first Talladega race in The very nature of this race brings a lot of longer shots into play, which is why the prices are as low as they are for most everybody in the field.

He wound up finishing 28th, but was second at Talladega in the spring race. Stenhouse won the spring races at both Talladega and Daytona. With a couple of new full-time drivers, another big name retiring from the sport at the end of the season, and some new rules packages that should enhance the fan and competitor experience, NASCAR is hoping for its best season yet as the sport continues to grow in popularity.

Denny Hamlin won for the second time in three years in a race that needed a green-white-checkered finish and had some fireworks at the end. The grind of the season started painfully for some, including Brian Vickers and Kyle Busch, and there were some colorful words used after the race.

Restrictor plate races always get tight and the Unlimited was no different, so it should fuel a lot of competitive fires with a much bigger field going around the track at Daytona this weekend. The NASCAR season kicks off with the Unlimited, qualifying, and a couple nights of Duels, but this is the first race in which drivers will accumulate points in their quest to wind up in the Chase for the Sprint Cup. Any win throughout the race season tends to be a free pass into the Chase, since the top 16 drivers make the field and normally 12 or 13 drivers have a win on their resumes.

Joey Logano won last season and rode that momentum into an excellent season for the 22 Ford for Team Penske. One of the things that restrictor plate races do is that they open up the field to a lot of possibilities. Before restrictor plates became a thing in , Richard Petty won seven Daytona events from Cale Yarborough won four times between and Bobby Allison was a three-time winner in , , and The only three-time winners in the restrictor plate era are Dale Jarrett , , and Jeff Gordon , , Gordon retired at the end of last season, so there are no three-time winners still active.

Podium finish bets allow you to capitalize on drivers who struggle late in the race and make some money whether they win or just get close. The fastest lap bet is exactly what you are probably thinking it is. You can bet on which driver will have the single fastest lap throughout the entire race. It does not matter if this lap is the first lap, the fiftieth lap, or the last lap.

For example, if you bet on Martin Truex Jr. As long as no one runs anything faster throughout the rest of the race, you still win your bet. While these bets are still dependent on what happens in the race, a lot of picking the winner here is understanding the cars and knowing who has the fastest set up that will perform on race day.

Futures are a popular bet in almost every sport in the world. A futures bet is a wager on who will win something in the distant future. This does not mean betting on a race two months before it happens. For example, this could be a bet on who will be the end of season champion. Anything that is in the future and will take several races to decide can be considered a futures bet.

As you can imagine, it takes more skill to make a futures bet because with more time more things can go wrong or change. For this reason, futures bets usually pay out pretty well to make up for the difficulty. These bets, like some of the earlier ones we mentioned, are also set up to be profitable even if you bet on multiple drivers to win. Driver matchups are a fun form of betting that you typically only see online. Sportsbooks will choose matchups between two different drivers and allow you to bet on which driver will finish higher than the other.

It does not matter if either driver wins the race or finishes on the podium. All that matters is which driver finishes ahead of the other.

For example, they might offer you a bet on Martin Truex Jr. If you pick Matt Kenseth and he finishes in eighth and Truex gets ninth, you win! If you pick Kenseth and Truex crashes on lap eight and Kenseth crashes on lap nine, you win! It does not matter how they do in relation to any of the other final results or even if they finish the race. All that matters is which of the two does better.

Typically, you will have plenty of different matchups to choose from for each race. The bigger races like the Daytona will usually have a ton of options. These bets are not only fun but can be a great way to make money if you are good at analyzing individual drivers and how they will finish.

These are typically bets that might not have a direct effect on the outcome of the race. For example, you might be able to bet how many cautions there will be at Bristol during the race.

You might be able to bet how many lead changes there will be in Phoenix. Sometimes you can even bet on the duration of the National Anthem. The options are endless. The number of prop bets offered is dependent on how big of a race is taking place. The larger and more attention paid to the race, the more bets the casino operators will make available.

The big races draw incredible amounts of attention. A whole bunch of fans wanting to watch a race equals more people wanting to place bets. The sportsbooks in Vegas and the online casinos will happily oblige to the intense interest from the fans during the larger races and offer a bevy of wagers. Prop bets can be profitable as long as they are ones that require skill. Betting on the length of the National Anthem is fun, but should not be part of a profitable long-term strategy. As long as you are aware of the point of the prop bets, you should enjoy implementing some of them into your betting routine — especially for the bigger races.

You are getting super close to being ready to attack the next race in full form. You are familiar with the top sites to sign up at and know all the fun and exciting ways you can bet on a race. Anyone who bets sports understands that you need to put some effort in before just blindly making picks. Being aware of what to consider is the first step, and we have an organized guide waiting for you.

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