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We have found that Sports Interaction has the best options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing. Ahead of each session each fighter is classified depending on their current weight and will only face competitors in the same division. A couple of examples of how it might be priced up: UFC is split into nine different weight classes. UFC Predictions

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The only thing that matters is that he has his arm raised at the end of the fight. This is also a great example of why it is advantageous to have accounts with each of the 3 recommended Canadian sportsbooks. You can see that the odds here are quite a bit different between Sports Interaction and Bodog. If you think Whittaker is going to win then you should bet with Sports Interaction.

A bet on Whittaker to win the fight at Sports Interaction pays out at odds of 1. But if you think Romero is going to pull off the upset then you should bet at Bodog because you get odds of 2. This is another common bet, which involves wagering on how long the fight will last.

The sportsbook will provide a total and you can bet on whether the fight will last over or under that number of rounds. In this example the over bet would win if the fight lasts past the 2 minutes 30 seconds mark of the fifth round.

The under bet would win if the one of the fighters finishes the fight before half way through the fifth. As you can see you can bet on either fighter to finish the fight in any round or to win via decision.

According to these odds Whittaker has a great shot at winning the fight in the early rounds, or by decision. The fourth betting option is how the fight will end. There are three ways for either fighter to win: A submission is unlikely for either fighter according to these odds. Method of victory betting can be great for bettors who understand the fighters strengths and weakness, as well as the likely game plan for each fighter.

It may also pay dividends for you to learn the rules of MMA, for when you first come across this action based sport you can often get a little overwhelmed by just how fast paced the action is and may become slightly confused by the point and scoring system, however you will soon master the art of MMA and when you do there is a lot of money to be made by using your skill and judgement to decide which wagers to place and on which opponent to bet on in any one match!

You are able to place all manner of bets when you opt to wager on MMA fixtures, and these are not just limited to Match Betting wagers, as you can also bet on the Total Rounds that will be used on any match and even some more exotic types of wagers such as Which Main Event Will End Quickest, or even will the fight go the distance! With so many betting opportunities on offer, then the onus really is on you to track down the best odds on offer, and for plenty of wagering opportunities on all MMA bouts you will not go far wrong with our featured betting sites.

The sport of MMA is of course not going to appeal to everyone, but if you enjoy this fast paced sport then you can always back your favourite fighter by placing a wager on them on any UFC matches, and below are the sites we are happy to present and introduce to all of our Canadian website visitors. Betting on all MMA sporting fixtures is both quick and easy at any of the above betting sites however be aware that to claim any of the MMA betting bonuses and free bets listed above you will have to comply with the terms and conditions on any such bonus, these can be found on the respective betting website.

The bonuses are of course subject to change at any time so always check the websites of any betting sites whose bonus is of interest to you. What Information Should I Use? The UFC Website is a valuable resource of player stats that you can use to your advantage.

The percentage of submissions, takedowns, and striking are all important when comparing fighters, and so are the previous wins. Different training backgrounds can also give advantage, but also other human factors like aggression or mentality. The best bet would be a bet you can back up with some information. On the other hand, the Total Rounds bets are less safe to make as there is no sure way of predicting the outcome.

The Double Chance bet offers similar chances, since with this bet type you will have to predict both the winner as well as the method of victory.

The thing with live bets is that you never really know what shape or psychological stance is a fighter in until you see the action unrolling. However, live bets only work when you are quick and prepared. This means knowing everything you need pre-game and reacting quickly before odds are updated.

This can be a tough call, but not impossible. The key is to never overreact and to swap to different bet types if you see an opening.