WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Betting Odds: Title Change Projected, Undertaker, John Cena Vs. Triple H

Longest speech Wrong winner be announced? Samoa Joe follows AJ, and we cut to commercial. Or maybe Ronda comes for belt 2? Who's ready for an early morning PPV?

Who wins the Royal Rumble (2019)?

Because You Can Bet On Pro Wrestling

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Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Last updated by Mat Elfring on April 26, at 4: Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. Please use a html5 video capable browser to watch videos. Braun did not let KO win.

Other than that this match has been great. Carmella has come a long way, Becky looked awesome as always, and Charlotte is insanely athletic. Charlotte wins the title after pinning Becky Lynch.

Crowd chanting for Becky afterward, she embraces Charlotte, then socks her in the face, the crowd explodes, pop of the night so far. Becky continues her assault on Charlotte outside the ring.

Charlotte goes for a ride into the German Announce Desk. I guess thats an irish congradulations. I wonder how many rest holds Styles will have to take to keep Joe in the match?

This match is pretty meh, gets into some power moves, AJ takes Joe out, is bleeding then goes and gets his wife and kid, and leaves the ring. Samoa Joe follows AJ, and we cut to commercial. Did the match end? I am so confused. Oh well it was boring anyway. Who wants to walk with Elias?

I am so excited about his latest hit. Not going to write much, as honestly I rather watch. This match was great. The Miz wins when Maryse gives him some brass knuckles from ringside, to knock Bryan out. The crowd is loving it and so am I.

The demon paint is on point today. The Demon goes right after Corbin, Corbin looks screwed. I wonder if Hardy and Balor did their facepaint together tonight. Rousy is the new Raw Womens Champion.

Did you really think Bliss had a chance? And is it just me or did that turn to a shoot halfway in? Or maybe Ronda comes for belt 2? LOL Oh yes I totally called it! Braun Strowman makes his way down to the ring. He asks for the mic. The crowd is going crazy. He announces he is standing here for the entire match and at the end of the night, one of those two is gonna Get These Hands! Reigns goes after Lesnar and gets off to a great start. Lesnar is a little slow, probably ring rust…lol Lesnar locks a guillotine on Reigns, Reigns counters and both men down.

Not a bad start. Lesnar has got the guillotine on again, Reigns is trying to power out. He manages to get up and give Lesnar a spine buster. Reins does a suicide dive, misses Lesnar, hits Strowman outside the ring, and Lesnar gives Strowman a F5. The Lesnar starts hitting Strowman with the suitcase and a chair, while he stupidly gives Reigns time to recover in the ring.

He brings the chair and Reigns spears him, and gets the pin! Roman Reigns is your new Universal Champion! Braun Strowman is still down on the ground at ringside… Guess no one is going to catch those hands after all. To be honest, I have not been keeping up on whats going on in WWE as much as I should be, but nevertheless here are my predictions for SummerSlam! Wrestling With Things is providing video content on the sports and entertainment world.

Will it fall flat? Check out the video! Feel free to subscribe and comment. Tickets are still available online on StubHub and Ticket Liquidator. The betting odds for Summerslam are out earlier than most PPVs and three champions have odds against successful title defenses.

Roman Reigns had been in his three previous challenges to Brock Lesnar and this time is no different with Reigns being favored at Roman ended up losing on each previous occasion so betting against him is tempting considering the trend.

Another champion listed as an underdog is Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. Dolph is being challenged by Seth Rollins with odds of to regain the title.

In the Cruiserweight Championship match both champion Cedric Alexander and challenger Drew Gulak have odds of and expect these to change somewhat by next week to project a winner. The United States Championship match on the other hand has set a definitive projection in a title retention for Shinsuke Nakamura with healthy odds of , the best odds of any current champion.

Extreme Rules betting odds are still very close in most matches. The added Pre-show match now has attributed odds as well and those see Sanity favored at to defeat The New Day.