Tiger on 66: 'Fought out a score today'

Golf Home Photos Lists. This is most commonly caused by white-space inserted around server-rendered markup. His attempt slides just to the left of the hole, and he taps in for par. A great shot as he hacks it out of the rough and drops it on the front edge of the green. Thomas Bjorn is looking for a complete team effort to carry the European group home at the Ryder Cup, as he hopes 12 individuals become one winning unit. Patriots vs Jaguars Score: NFL Football Results

Round 4: Tiger Woods 73 (E)

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Hangs it to the right and just misses. Solid shot after a bad one of the tee, he drops it on the far right side of the green.

This driver goes way right. Another miss of the fairway but at least it isn't left this time. Terrific shot out of the bunker for Tiger who drops it a foot from birdie. Gets the approach past the hazard but lands it in the bunker on the right. The fourth straight tee shot that heads left of the fairway. Comes away with another PAR. Tiger's long birdie try races past the hole by about six feet. Isn't phased by those first two shots and he lands it on the back edge of the green about 30 feet out.

Goes back across the green to the right side rough now. Another driver lands left of the fairway. After going perfect through eight holes he's missed the last three.

Just barely misses the birdie try to the right. Pushes it long over the hole on the back edge of the green, about 20 feet from the hole. Goes with a driver and lands it in the left rough, just past the bunker. A great shot as he hacks it out of the rough and drops it on the front edge of the green.

Tiger misses the fairway for the first time today, landing it left of the fairway. Tracking the entire way. Can't convert on the long birdie try missing left and just long.

Solid approach with the iron gets about 25 feet from the hole. He goes with an iron on 17 and lines it right down the fairway. Nearly drops it in the hazard but instead gets it on the green with a friendly roll. Lays it up further down the fairway, about yards to the hole. Sam Darnold Seeks Win. Browns vs Saints Score: Baker Mayfield Battles Drew Brees. Golf March 11, Tiger Woods Score Results: Tiger Golf Scores Today Evian Championship Leaderboard Maria Stabile September 13, Maria Stabile September 12, Tour Championship Leaderboard Maria Stabile September 9, Woods started strong with two straight birdies Sunday, but bogeyed two of the next five holes.

He finished 1-under on the front nine. The back nine put him away for good with double bogeys on Holes 14 and Woods birdied or made par on just four holes on the back nine. Here are some of the higlights Drives his tee shot up the right side of the fairway. Second shot lands on the green about 10 feet from the hole. Ends the tournament with a birdie. Finds the fairway on his tee shot. Then lands it on the green just over 15 feet from the pin.

Misses the 15 footer for birdie, but saves it with a par putt. Tee shot finds the fairway; then his approach shot finds the water. Tee shot does not go well.

Second shot is more or less the same, still in the right rough. His third shot sends it over the green to the back-left rough. His fourth shot doesn't get him out of the rough.