The Downes Side – UFC 201 Predictions

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Lorenz Larkin Octagon Interview. Donald Cerrone - A Tailor-made Fight. Nate Diaz Exclusive Interview. Vlog Series - Episode 5.

Pre-fight Press Conference Highlights. Diaz vs McGregor 2: The king is coming. Robin Black Breakdown - Nate Diaz. Exclusive interview with Conor McGregor. Anthony Johnson - Signature Moves. Vlog Series - Episode 2. Cowboy Cerrone - Ultimate 8. Top 5 Media Day moments. Krylov comes out firing on all cylinders with one of the highest striking rates in the entire UFC.

Herman, on the other hand, is relaxed and picks his shots. He works counters well and controls clinch exchanges. That patience can sometimes bleed into inactivity, though. He knocked out Tim Boetsch in his last appearance, but he let the Barbarian control way too much of the fight.

Krylov could run into a right hand, but his pace and flurry of activity will eventually wear Herman down. Krylov connects with one of his sneaky high kicks and finishes with a second-round rear naked choke. Brown has gone through a rough patch, losing three of his last four.

Matt Brown is a flurry of violence on his feet. Punches, kicks, knees and elbows fly from every direction. When Demian Maia parked him on the ground for fifteen minutes, that flurry became a dusting. Ellenberger has the potential to accomplish a similar task, but his wrestling has been non-existent lately. He also opens himself up as he breaks the clinch. Ellenberger could drop him at either one of these moments, but my money and by money I mean inflated sense of expertise , is on Brown.

Sure, he can be a little wild, but his pace and volume carries him to the unanimous decision. She followed that up with a win over Heather Clark and now finds herself at the No. Watch UFC Countdown: