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Of course, there are both benefits and drawbacks to this. If running the baseline is your thing, work on your lateral movements as well as cut backs. From there, you must win the five rounds you are presented with, and more or less earn an average "C" rating. 2. General hints and tips

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This achievement will be obtained within your first year of playing World Tour mode and is moderately simple to do as long as you don't rely on diving to constantly reach the balls. I have left this achievement until last as it is most certainly not a piece of cake. To get this achievement you must hit the power bar at the peak of its height consecutively. The best technique for doing this is to time your player. This will most certainly hit the max serve but it is best that your serving is over level 10 as the bar rises slowly and drops faster than the higher levels.

This can be done in any mode and doesn't need to be completed in the same game. Finally the game controls. One thing to remember is the longer you hold the down the buttons the more powerful the shot will be.

TrueAchievements Log in or Register Free. Virtua Tennis 3 Walkthrough 2. General hints and tips Game Notes Although everybody like getting loads of achievements really quickly, this game just doesn't play that way. Hit a serve over mph.

Achieve Max Serves. Achieve 40 Consecutive Rallies. Play 10 hours court time 54 Play for 10 hours on tennis courts. Run a total of 10Km. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough?

Help us fix it by posting in its Walkthrough Thread. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission.

Play 10 hours court time. Rank World Tour. Rank 1 World Tour. Level 6 Training Game Cleared. Beat All Female Pro Players. Beat All Male Pro Players. Custom Player - 1st Ranked Win. Gold in all Academy. Active Soccer 2 DX Guide. Backyard Football 10 Guide. Brunswick Pro Bowling Guide. Go back to the Drum Topple, and work the other side the side you didn't work on for Jan 2. Take an energy drink. Return to the Drum Topple it doesn't take a lot of stamina to play ,and try Level 2 of this exercise.

Try to even out your forehand and backhand if there is a big difference between the two i. Take an energy drink at the conclusion of this exercise. Enter this event and focus on winning matches as quickly as possible, with as little movement as possible.

Try to stay at the center of the baseline and dictate the points by powering the ball to the corners. On service returns, take a step or two back from the default position and return balls with power down the lines.

Your ranking will improve as follows: Your new ranking will be You will earn a new pair of shoes for winning the event, and a new wristband from your coach. Take a well deserved rest at Home. Super Bingo should become available as a training exercise. The Drum Topple does not impact your stamina as much as some other challenges. Balloon Sniper becomes available, but for now, let's stick with Pin Crusher. Again, try to focus on hitting max serves in this exercise because it will really improve your power rating.

Press up on the stick to have the serve land deep in the service boxes when appropriate. Work on just forehands with max power. Work on just your backhand with max power. After finishing, take an energy drink. Challenger II event in Buenos Aires clay.

Again, take a step or two back when returning serves and put them all down the line. Try not to run around chasing shots, and dictate each point by pounding the ball to the corners. The less movement you make the less your stamina will decrease.

Try your best to win each match without losing too many points. After successfully completing this event, you will a new racquet and wristband. You will have back-to-back tournaments coming up, and inadequate rest can lead to injury if you practice on this day, and then compete in two tournaments. Right now, your groundstrokes should be between Levels , and your serve around Challenger III singles event at Moscow.

This tournament should be a walkover for you. Again, try to focus on winning without dropping a game. After successfully completing this event, you will win new sportswear. Challenger III doubles event at Moscow.

Choose a doubles partner and hit the courts for a two round doubles tournament that will affect your singles ranking. I would recommend choosing Taylor Dent as your doubles partner. Not only does he have the best volleying skills in the game, but his overhead smash is one of the best as well. Baseline rallies and big serves won't help you against King and Duke, points at the net will.

When playing, instruct your teammate to play the net use your right trigger button to access this command and you stay back at the baseline. If your teammate is serving, move your player to the baseline before the ball touches your teammate's racquet. He will run to the net as soon as he hits the ball. You may get a message that your player is very tired. Take a Vacation and get him back to full health.

Challengers IV singles event in Phuket that's pronounced "foo-ket". Again, with your skill levels, this tournament should be a breeze. A few examples that unlock these items are hitting 10 max serves, 10 drop shots, etc. Choose Alien Attack Level 2. Try to power up on every shot, and attempt to keep your forehand and backhand levels balanced.

You should be close to the following: Alien Attack Level 2. You'll need to start really training hard now to get your player prepped for the tougher ranked tournaments. Try to power up on every shot if you can. Balloon Sniper Level 2. Go for max serves when the opportunity presents itself. You will likely need to approach the net to end points early next season.

No better time than now to start working on this skill. Your volley skills are weak, and need to keep working on them. The four weeks of training has worn your player out. Your player's speed will become a factor during the second half of next season. Your ground strokes will need to be around Level to have a shot in the Grand Slams. The Feeding Time volley exercise will become available at this point on your calendar.

You have another double-header coming up. Challenger V at Casablanca clay , Singles. If you find that certain player's groundstrokes e. James Blake are preventing you from making an offensive shot, then begin relying on your slice.

On this date, you can either rest, and then work on a quick drill such as the drum topple, or do the drum topple, and then rest. I chose to rest first on this date because my stamina might not have recovered very much after having two tournaments and a training session in three consecutive weeks. Go for a quick and easy groundstroke training session here: It will level up your groundstrokes with minimum effort.

You will need to start beefing up that serve of yours. Level singles matches can be tough to win with a weak serve. Advantage Series Mixed Doubles in Tokyo. Pick whatever female partner you wish. Grab an energy drink to max out your stamina meter and head on over to this event. This should be a very easy win since your recent training has boosted your abilities far beyond the competition of this tournament. This is an excellent exercise for increasing the control of your serve - with multiple chances to get max services to boost your power rating too.

Right now, you'll need to begin making important decisions. By taking on the balloon sniper instead of the Challenger VII event, you are preparing to enter the level tournaments. If you choose the Challenger tournament, you'll be setting yourself back a week in development. It's a trade off here, but getting prepped for bigger tournaments with bigger payouts in terms of ranking points is the higher priority right now.

Your volleys will need to be at least somewhat effective level by the end of Season 2. Rest at Home so you can squeeze one more training session in before the end of the year. You will likely earn Rookie of the Year honors and awarded a new outfit. Rest at home and enjoy the holidays. You'll kick off the new year with lots of training to get ready for level tournaments. The details listed below are most effective when your ranking is between If your ranking falls somewhere around , you should have no skill set below a level In order to be truly effective, your groundstrokes should be between levels and all aspects of your serve at level 14 or above.

You can get by with footwork and volleys being around 10 or 11 at this stage, but I would recommend boosting them up a bit if they are in fact that low. All advice listed below assumes that your custom player is right handed. These strategies have proven quite effective for top 50 offline competition as well - though, your groundstroke and serving skills should be at or around level 20 by that time.

Click Name to Advance to Appropriate Section: Mario is not a very formidable opponent, and you should defeat him handily throughout world mode, but if you are struggling, here are a few tips to help you win some easy points: When receiving Ancic's serve on the deuce side and assuming you have a solid backhand , take two steps behind the baseline and one step to the left. Power up your backhand to receive his serve to that side.

Put your return of serve down the line. This will almost always cause Ancic to dive after the ball, leaving you the option of taking the ball in the air with a smash, or allowing it to land so that you can drill to the open court. Ancic is very predictable with his serves to the deuce court, and you should be fairly confident in where they will be placed each time. James Blake is one of a few players where right around the ranking of , can be challenging to beat due to his crushing groundstrokes.

Most often, they are overpowering at that stage in your custom character's career. Given the fact that every player in this game has a pattern when facing certain scenarios, I've discovered two that have given me the edge in beating Blake while my ranking was between 80 and When James is serving ranking around Take two steps back and drop shot his serve.

As soon as you do, rush the net and prepare to get James' first scoop. Hit the ball to one side preferably, the side you are closest to , and fake as if you are going to move to that side as well. James will most likely reply with an attempt at a cross-court volley the opposite direction.

Be prepared for his shot, and block the ball to the open court for a winner. When you are serving ranking around Line up as close to the center hash mark at the baseline, and use "B" and "X" to spin your serves out to the far corners of the service boxes.

Similar to how King reacts, James will hit his service return down the line. Because his groundstrokes are much more powerful than yours, run to the sideline and power up your SLICE for a strong cross-court shot. As soon as you strike the ball, charge the net and get ready to volley or overhead smash his next shot. If your ranking is around 88 or better, James will adjust his game plan slightly when you are serving.

Instead of him hitting your spin serves down the line, he'll hit them around mid-point between the sideline and center point of the baseline e. You will only need to adjust your player a bit to hit your powered-up slice cross-court.

Because he's not hitting down the line, he's reducing your angled return. So, depending how you are positioned, your angle can be maximized. Beating Taylor Dent is a relatively easy thing to do, since he follows a very predictable set of behaviors when presented with specific scenarios. When returning serve, take a step or two back from the baseline.

This will help you return his serves with a bit more pace. Additionally, I'd recommend slicing back his serves as opposed to using top spin, and do so where they are placed down the line. A few key strategies when playing Taylor Dent: When Taylor is serving to the ad-court, always slice your return down the line. His momentum will be carrying him forward after his service motion. As a result, he will either take a stab at your ball, or he'll stumble trying to get it back.

Either way, he'll float a ball back to you. Get yourself in position to hit it off your strong side and deep into the deuce court.

That is his bread and butter volley - he'll put that away for a guaranteed winner. Always try to pass up the line shortest distance between points A and B. You'd just be giving him the point by doing that.. Taylor sometimes looks for you to hit behind him, so don't try to play that game against him.

If he hits it to the left, you keep that ball to the left. If he hits it to the right, then hit it back to the right no matter where he is on the court. Never lob cross-court against Taylor Dent. If you see Taylor Dent take a half volley or full volley inside the service line, he will likely rush the net and commit to that part of the court.

If you are in good position and the ball is coming towards you with decent speed, lob down the line if you are near the line. Make sure you press 'up' for added depth. Despite currently being the best tennis player on the tour in real life - , Roger is somewhat of a weakling in Virtua Tennis 3. He is considered an "all around player" which means that he has no specific weaknesses, however, the drawback is that he has no real strengths either. Here are a few things to look out for when playing him: When returning Roger's serve from the ad-court side, slice the ball back cross-court with as much power and depth as possible.

Look for Roger to slice it back cross-court. This sometimes indicates that Roger's A. Slice the ball back cross-court two more times and on the third opportunity, power up and drill it down the line. Roger will either get wrong-footed and miss your shot, or, he may get to it, but will be forced to float the ball back over the net as a weak reply. Now sometimes Roger will not follow this pattern. If he does not allow the cross court exchange on the first time you try this, limit your cross-court shot to only your return of serve or perhaps one more time before hitting down the line.

If Roger does allow you to get away with the three slices cross-court including the service return , then he'll likely fall for that strategy several other times throughout the match. Also to note, Roger likes hitting overhead smashes cross court when he's located in the ad-court right side back at the baseline. If he is at the baseline in the deuce court, he prefers to hit overheads down the line.

Another tactic you can try is to hit "behind him. Roger seems to be more prone to this tactic than other players in the game. Beating Juan Carlos Ferrero. During Grand Slam competition, Ferrero's only real strength is his forehand. Do your best to keep the ball to his backhand side during rallies until you are able to put the ball away to his forehand side. A few of these strategies have proven to work well against Ferrero at the more difficult stages of World Mode: When serving against Ferrero, hit your serves down the line and as close to max power as possible.

Doing so will almost always have Ferrero hitting a neutral return close to the middle of the court, but slightly on the Ad-Side. If you anticipate this return early enough, you can hit a powerful backhand assuming you are right handed to the open court for a winner - - or at the very least, have Ferrero dive to get the ball. If you have decent foot speed, you should follow in behind your backhand in case JC does in fact get the ball.

If he pops it up or floats a weak reply, you should be able to easily put it away with an overhead or volley to the open court. When returning JC's serves On the Deuce Side: Or, if you anticipate his serves well, take an extra step behind the baseline and power-up your service return and hit it as far left as possible pulling back on the analog stick for extra angle is even better.

Slice the ball down the line. For some reason, Fererro sometimes hesitates and even stumbles when a service return is made from the Ad-Side and hit down the line. Again, if you are good at anticipating his serves, take a step back behind the baseline, power-up your forehand or backhand, and drive the ball down the line.

Always be prepared for him to hit a drop shot at least one time per point if a rally exceeds three shots over the net.

Once you do so, begin to cheat a little towards the center of the service box nearest the sideline you just hit your shot to. If Sebastian hits a regular groundstroke, you should be able to easily cut off his shot with a volley to the open court. If he dives and pops up a lob, you shouldn't have to move to far to get underneath it for an overhead smash. Tommy has an all-court game and may have a specific set of artificial intelligence behaviors, but I've never given him enough time to display them.

My points against Tommy are usually over in five strokes or less. When serving against Tommy, always serve as far out wide as you can. A max serve will only help your cause here. Tommy will return the ball just beyond the service tee on your side, and in the center of the court. Line up your strong side to punish this ball as soon as it lands, and you should have an easy winner every time.

Your strong side is your forehand. As soon as you serve, you should be anticipating the ball being returned around mid-court. Hit the ball to the ad-court on your opponent's side for a clean winner. The strategy I posted for Taylor Dent will work for Tim Henman as well, however, you will need to be on your toes anticipating his cheesy drop shots which are a staple in his game plan. If Henman drop shots the ball, always power up your shot as you approach the ball, and hit it down the nearest sideline.

Your next action should be covering the net area around the service "T" though, slightly towards the side the ball was hit. Because the Tim Henman in VT3 drop shots so frequently, you can win quite a few points from this technique. Always hit his shots to the nearest sideline. Cross-court attempts will likely be volleyed away for a winner. Here are a few tips that should help you beat Lleyton: When you get involved in a rally, take two to three steps behind the baseline.

You will not only allow yourself more time to react to his shots, but you will be able to get much more power on the ball. Doing this will overwhelm Hewitt and put you at a considerable advantage! However, be advised that if you mess up on a power shot i. Keep a look out for this. When serving on the deuce side, serve down the middle. Hewitt will almost always hit his return down the line.

During Season 1, there is no better player to drop shot than Gael Monfils. He likes to stand so far behind the baseline that he's almost begging for you to hit a drop shot. Try to get him well behind the baseline and to one corner.

Move your custom player inside the baseline preferably just shy of no-man's-land and drop shot the ball to the opposite corner by pulling back on the analog stick and slightly towards the side you want the ball to go.

In Season 1, this is almost a guaranteed winner, and will help contribute towards your goal of obtaining the Drop Shot Achievement for Xbox Live. In later seasons, his power increases, thus making the frequency of drop shots more difficult to obtain. When you play Monfils in the top 50, you can still drop shot him, however I'd recommend running in behind the ball.

He'll likely scoop the ball up in the air if he reaches it, which should allow you to either volley it to the open court, or smash it away for a winner. Rafael Nadal begins to become a minor nuisance when you settle in around the top ranking. His speed is by far the best in the game which may prolong some of your rallies. If you entered a tournament already fatigued, your performance will begin to deteriorate the longer the match persists.

Patience is the key when playing Nadal, and your best success will sometimes come when you allow him to dictate the points as strange as that sounds. From my experience, there are two strategies that seem to work consistently well against Nadal. This tactic works best if you have a level 10 or better rating for approaching the net, and a volley level of at least When Nadal serves, slice the ball towards the far corner of the court the same side he's serving from.

For instance, if he's serving from the deuce court, then slice his serve back to the far outside corner of the deuce court. As soon as you slice the ball powering up the slice is a good idea , charge the net as quickly as possible and position your self right around the center area of the net.

Depending on your approach vector, Nadal will either try to pass you cross-court, or go down the line. Either way, you should have the advantage. If he tries for a down-the-line pass, you should have that covered with a sharp volley away from him.

If he goes cross-court, you can very well cut that ball off with good anticipation. If you hit it forcefully, you should earn yourself a winning shot. Be alert to how he reacts to you doing this.

Again, his shot selection seems to be related to how you approach the net, whether it be directly to the net in a straight line, or in more of an arcing movement. This tactic has proved quite successful for me, but it isn't fool proof. Sometimes my player's volley isn't perfect, or, my player will dive. Because of that, I try to mix things up a bit so that I can go back to this tactic when I need a critical point.

When I mix things up, I resort to Raf likes to stretch his opponents out wide with sharp angled ground strokes. Should you play into his set-up, you will both be outside the singles area trading forehands and backhands. My recommendation is this: The reason slice is the better option here is because if you mis-time your top spin shot, it will be an off-speed ball, guaranteeing that Nadal will crush it down the line for a clean winner.

Timing is too critical with the top spin shot in this scenario. Using slice will keep Rafael at bay even if your timing is just a bit off. Typically, Rafael will hit three wide angled shots to set up for the one down the line.

The trick is to keep slicing the ball back to him at a comparable angle. On his third shot out wide, power up your shot and slice it down the line. If you slice it short, it may cause him to dive after it. Be ready to move in if this happens. The scenario described above usually unfolds, and with the aforementioned strategy, points are easier to obtain. End Nadal's cross-court rally nonsense early. As you have undoubtedly observed, Nadal likes to hit cross-court shots with extreme angles.

If you find yourself involved in a cross-court battle, slice a cross-court shot as wide as you can, and as short as you can. As soon as you do, rush the center of the net. If your footwork and volley skills are sufficient, you should get there in plenty of time to cut off his next shot with an easy put away volley into the open court. The "cheapest" way of beating Nadal is to drop shot his serve down the line as best you can, and quickly rush the net to volley his attempt at a cross-court winner.

David Nalbandian is one of the tougher players to beat, primarily due to his forceful backhand. More often than not, it is overpowering and can lead to many floating shots by your player and unforced errors!

Slice the ball Always use slice shots against David's backhand, preferably powered up and cross-court. This will make your shot not only an effective return, but will also reduce any margin for error if you hadn't powered up sufficiently.

Cross-court rallies, know where you should be. So, if you hit to the left side of the court, position yourself on to the right sideline because that's where he'll hit his next shot.

Conversely, if you hit the ball to the right side, run to the left to cover the area his next shot is heading. What I liked to do in these situations was power up my slice shots as soon as he was about to hit the ball. I'd also pull back on the analog stick and towards the direction I wanted the ball in order to produce a wider angle. This caused him to lose a little power on his returns. The latter is an easy put away with a volley or overhead smash.

If you play Nalbandian in a Grand Slam with your ranking under 20, his cross-court shots aren't as predictable, where some times he chooses to hit the ball down the line after one or two cross court shots. Keep him on his toes by allowing a few cross-court shots to take place, then slicing the ball down the line to make him run. As soon as you hit your shot down the line, quickly get into position on the other side of the court, and repeating the cross-court rally again.

When you get into a cross-court rally, try once again to drop shot the ball, and quickly run in behind it. If your net-approach foot speed is sufficient approximately a level 14 , you should have no problem getting there in time.

David will either miss the ball, or pop it up that you can easily put away. When serving, try to aim your serves with max power right down the center line. David's returns have little angle, and you should be able to observe where they will land, almost in predictable fashion.

When you serve from the deuce court and down the line, David's returns will be to your backhand side. Place your max serve down the line, move a bit to your left and power up your backhand. To make it more effective, pull down and to the right on your analog stick.

You should drill your groundstroke at a tight angle that he'll either miss completely, or pop up with a diving attempt. Rush the net for an easy put-away if necessary. Just like in real life, two things make Andy an effective and feared player: When Andy serves, take three full steps back from the baseline. If your top spin shots are still going out of bounds, then fall back to the slice.

Power up your slice and put it cross court, and begin the point from there. This is pretty effective when receiving the ball from the deuce court. In the ad-court, try powering up a slice deep down the line. As soon as you hit the ball, feint a move to the right as if you are going to cover the deuce court, but don't actually commit to it. Andy will likely hit your ball back down the line, which you can easily get back into position for, and blast a cross court shot for a winner.

I relied on this tactic heavily during my two KoP matches against him two different seasons. When you serve against King from the deuce court, get as far left as you can to serve that little hash mark at the center of the baseline is as far as you can go.

As soon as you serve, cover the LEFT sideline and power up for a cross-court shot. You will be ready to rip, and it will either be a clean winner, OR, he will dive and float the ball back up into the air for you to smash. Since your custom player is much less powerful than a pro found in the game see FAQ section about beating King , I'd recommend pulling back on the analog stick and towards the corners when you hit a powerful shot.

This will make the ball land short, which sometimes has King diving to get it before the second bounce. When you serve against King from the ad-court, get as far right as you can before you serve again, basically the center of the baseline. Hit a quarter to half-speed serve out wide, and hustle to cover that right singles line. King will hit his return down the land and you should be ready to blast the ball cross-court. If your forehand is your strength, you should hit a clean winner.

King has an offensive pattern which when in play, can be used against him. The trick is to get him to play in this particular pattern, and anticipate his shot placement. You'll find it frustrating at times to get him to do what you want, but when he does, you need to be immediately aware and take advantage of it.

King's pattern is this: If you hit a cross-court shot to the right side of the court, King will run to that side and hit the ball down the right sideline. If you are there in time and hit the ball cross-court to the left, King will chase it down and hit his return down the left sideline.

This will repeat several times over if you allow it. If you know that he'll be hitting down the right sideline after your cross-court shot to the right, you should be there waiting for the ball with your swing powered up to thump the ball to the left side so that he can't get it. When you find that King is hitting behind you, you'll know quickly enough that you didn't do something right. Always be aware that if you do take advantage of King's pattern, that he may dive and float a ball up in the air.

Get underneath the ball and smash it. Don't allow it to land. More often than not, if you let it bounce, your player will simply spin the ball back into play instead of crushing i. Duke is by far and away the most difficult character to beat in Virtua Tennis 3. Unlike the other players found in VT3, Duke does not operate with a pre-set A. In other words, he doesn't always react with a predetermined behavior when presented with certain situations.

Instead, he sometimes reacts to your controller movements. Because of that, I refer to Duke as having classic Sega "C.

Imagine the Chicago Bears' defense always knowing the opposing teams' offensive play just as the ball is snapped. How fair would that be?

In the case of VT3 and he will sometimes react to which direction you move your stick while the ball is still in flight towards him or when he's swinging forward.

This is most evident when he follows his "A. Don't tip off Duke by moving too much on the court. Try to get him on the run so that his shot options are limited, and then react to the ball once it's in flight. A few other items that make Duke a ridiculous player are the "cheats" associated with his gameplay. They are as follows: If you immediately hold serve on the opening game, Duke will likely hit two consecutive max serves to open his service game.

In once instance, after I had broken him in a previous game, he came out and fired off all max-serves. I always stand a foot behind the baseline when Duke is serving. As soon as I see his power meter rise, I begin to move forward just in case he attempts a drop serve. If I see the flashing bar indicate a max serve, I make sure to take two steps behind the baseline and slice the ball down the sideline with a slight tap of the "X" or "B" button.

In some cases, I'll pull back on the analog stick too if I have time. By putting up a slow floating ball, you can better position yourself in getting his next shot which is likely to be a ripper. Around the mid-point of your best-of-six-game match, Duke will start hitting drop serves. Try your very best to anticipate this so that you can get the ball at its absolute highest point of the bounce.

Doing so will allow you to hit a powerful return shot. As you are running to the drop serve, try to power up your shot and at the very last second, decide where you want the ball to go. Duke will likely try to hit a cross-court shot that you should be able to cut off with a winning volley. In some cases, he'll go down the line. Make sure you make note of how he responds to your returning his serve.

It will likely be a consistent behavior with him. After the first game or so, Duke will start to hit drop shots to the corners of the court, and the frequency of him doing so will increase as the match progresses. Pay attention to his back swing animations. He clearly tips you off to a drop shot by the way he holds his racquet high above his head so that the face of the racquet is revealed. Immediately start running towards the net, powered up, and try to hit the ball down the line as hard as possible.

In rare cases, Duke will run to cover a down-the-line return. In this case, pull back hard on your analog stick and to the opposite corner. You'll rip a sharp top spin shot that will cause him to either hit a weak reply, or float one up. The weak reply needs to be volleyed to the open court, not as an attempt to hit behind him.

Duke's Improved Competitiveness at Deuce: If you come from behind and get a game to Deuce, Duke will become a more formidable opponent. You know, he'll let you tie the game up, and then he'll beat you silly. Gold in all Academy 30 - Clear all the academy mission with gold medals. Looking Good 20 - Unlock 1 of each type of gear. Play 10 hours court time 30 - Play for 10 hours on tennis courts.

Unlocked Duke 30 - Unlock secret player Duke. Unlocked King 30 - Unlock secret player King. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more!

You'll play him in Stage 6. Xbox Submitted by tennisfr33k Achievements.