RIAK Workshop Summary

In the long-term, the community that had built up around it would have disbanded, creating potential for a splintered evolution of the product. To address global audiences modern web and IoT applications must be built to be highly distributed. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Despite this massive change in growth, we still do not employ any full-time engineers to work on our Riak cluster. Riak exploded onto the NoSQL scene in February 2012, to much fanfare.

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Riak performs as promised and keeps the lights on. Initiatives such as integrating Riak KV with Redis and Apache Solr have the potential to ease our future development workload considerably.

They Basho have worked with us in a true partnership fashion to keep up with our rapidly scaling business and have always addressed our concerns in a timely manner. Today, we now see peaks well over , operations per second, all while sustaining sub-millisecond response times and rock solid stability.

Despite this massive change in growth, we still do not employ any full-time engineers to work on our Riak cluster. Basho has been a valuable partner in our transformation and Riak has proven to be a critical component as the NoSQL distributed database powering our new platform. My experience with Riak has been that the core promise of being an available, scalable, minimal operational support, key-value store delivers as advertised.

Riak now optimized for time series use cases. Read about highlights in our blog. Riak Integrations with other OS products. Data Availability Data Accuracy Cost of Scale At Basho, we are distributed systems experts and we work with Application teams to overcome these distributed system challenges. Developer Resources Support Basho and our Community provide a range of Support and Professional Services designed to meet the needs of open source and Enterprise customers.

Downloads Download and experience open source Riak and connectors for popular distributed systems technologies like Spark and Mesos. Developed to help users store huge quantities of information, Riak is an essential technology for operating large-scale, data-driven businesses.

In addition to Bet, Riak is deployed in many other institutions, including the NHS, which uses it to store medical records. The original support contracts are now void, however, Erlang Solutions in partnership with TI Tokyo have launched a new support service — this is completely independent from the legacy Basho suppor, so a new contract would need to be taken up for Riak support.

Deanne said Bet plans to run a two-day workshop to work with the Riak community on selecting a suitable open source licensing model to adopt for the product and to start the process of determining an ongoing product roadmap. He said Bet has some ideas how to take the product forward. This is one of the areas Bet hopes to work with the community to resolve. Deane said Riak needs some level of indexing to support big sets, which is the Riak equivalent of big data.

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