Horse Racing Terms

In England called a short head. When reading the past performances some fans may not be quite sure of the terminology involved. A treble is a form of accumulator bet, although it is typically only bets involving four legs or more that are dubbed accumulators. horse racing terms & glossary

A Glossary Of Horse Racing Terms

Daily Tote Treble The second, fourth and sixth races on the card comprise this pool. Tickets are 50p each. Dead Heat This is when two or more selections cannot be separated by the judge even after consulting the photo finish. When settling bets, simply halve the stake. Distance The disdtance of a race: Five furlongs is the minimum and the four and a half miles of the Grand National is the longest.

Also the margin by which a horse is beaten by the horse directly in front. This ranges from a short head to 'by a distance' more than thirty lengths. Double A multiple bet. Thus in a win double both horses must finish first for the double to succeed. In an each-way or place double both horses must be placed to draw the place double dividend.

Draw The starting positions allotted to horses contesting races on the flat there is no draw for positions over jumps. In this country the lowest numbers are on the left, as seen from behind the stalls. Dual Forecast A Tote bet involving the forecast of the first and second horses in a race, either order.

Flat Racing the Flat Season begins at the end of March and runs through to the end of September on turf. Races are run over a minimum distance of five furlongs up to a maximum of twenty two furlongs.

The official flat racing season now runs for a calendar year to include those flat races run on all-weather surfaces such as at Lingfield, Southwell and Wolverhampton. Forecast Nominating not only the winner but the second as well. Going The state of the ground on which racing will take place. Good money Money from an informed quarter - stable money, for example - not mug money. Handicaps Races in which horses are allotted diferent weights with the object of nullifying any disparity in their ability.

Handicapper Professional responsible for alloting the the weights to be carried by each horse in a handicap.

Hedge Pass on part or all of a wager thereby reducing liability or, ideally, trading at such favourable odds that a win must materialize whatever the result. Hood Infrequently used in Britain. Covers the whole head including the ears and is of value when a horse dislikes the sound of other animals.

Judge Official responsible for declaring the finishing order of a race and the distances between the runners. Key races Races which, because of their quality or the exceptional time in which they were run, are likely to act as an important guide in future contests. Knock out Coup in which by manipulating the odds at the course a generous starting price is achieved for the favourite, the benefit of which is enjoyed with the S.

Jackpot The Tote Jackpot comprises the second to sixth races inclusive. All five winners have to be nominated. Lady A fiver, emanating from the Cockney rhyming slang, 'Lady Godiva'. Lay A bookmaker's offer quoting the price at which he wishes to trade.

Levy Much of the money that goes towards prizes and improvements to racecourses comes from amounts collected from bookmakers, based on their turnover. The body responsible for this is known as the Levy Board.

Maiden race Ostensibly for those horses, colts, geldings or fillies, which have never won a race. However, conditions sometimes permit previous winners e. Market A market is created, according to demand, by the prices offered for each runner by bookmakers at the course. No offers A certain horse having no quotation - the book-makers are not betting on it for the moment. Odds the ration between the amounts staked on the outcome of a bet, based on the probability either way.

This is the action of a horse that because he is tired, or because he has a problem with one leg or another, starts to veer either left or right. This is a subtle tell tale sign that the runner is being asked to perform to his utmost ability and he is at the breaking point of exceeding. It can also sometimes indicate a deeper, more serious problem that will just not allow the athlete to run to his full potential. When handicapping and researching, handicappers that cannot see the replay must be able to understand and read into what really happened during the running of the race.

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