NBA 2K17 Advanced Dribbling Tips & Tutorial

Time to progress through the ranks and prove that you belong in The Show. In Road to the Show, you will create a baseball player and be able to choose which position you would like to play along with a multitude of other customizations. Remember to use this to your advantage, like a real manager does, when selecting pitchers to warm up in your bull-pen. Mix it up when you swing first pitch or when you are taking. RBI Baseball 18 Review. FRANCHISE MODE: MORE CONTROL. LESS TIME.


This will result in your outfielder having a sense of urgency on the catch and throw. You can also queue up throws on grounders as well.

This is helpful against speedsters who like to bunt or against lead-off batters who hit a slow moving chopper to 3 rd base. Pitching Make the most of the Inside Edge data Take advantage of your matchup against a batter by throwing to his cold spots, or blue zones.

Accuracy Counts The more accurate your right-stick gesture is, the more control you will have over your pitches. Mound Meetings If your pitcher starts to lose composure after consecutive hits, the aiming cursor will start to shake and bounce around on the screen. Lefties Generally, right-handed batters struggle more against right-handed pitchers.

Hitting Flick and Swish If you are struggling at the plate, make use of the contact swing by flicking up on right-stick. The most important thing you will do when creating your player is assigning stat points. When you first make a player, you will be assigned a certain amount of stat points. What you do with your stat points will determine what type of player you create. If you want to be fast then you put your points in speed. If you want to aim for a gold glove then you should work on arm strength and fielding.

If you want to be a singles and line drive guy then work on contact. Home run hitters will pour the points into the power department. Use your points wisely and try not to worry about not spreading them out enough. The next step after creating your player is taking part in Bowman scout day to determine your draft stock. At Bowman scout day, you will take part in fielding and hitting drills. How you perform in these drills will determine your scouting report, which you will see at the end.

It is here where you will be introduced to the brand new Showtime feature. When fielding the ball, entering Showtime mode will slow down time, allowing for a better reaction to the situation at hand.

When batting, you are allowed to use the Showtime feature one time and not on every pitch, or else this would be too easy. Depending on how you do at Bowman scout day, you will then be given a draft projection. You will be able to play two more games against other draft hopefuls from around the world that will either help or hurt your draft stock depending on how you perform. You will then be drafted, and just like that, you are playing baseball for the minor league affiliate of a Major League squad.

Time to progress through the ranks and prove that you belong in The Show. Your player will start off with an overall of about 65 or less. Take pitches early on, especially with no runners on. Mix it up when you swing first pitch or when you are taking. Sometimes I win games due to patience alone. Anyone can set their controller down and see pitches. This way you are killing two birds with one stone. Other than that, know your situations.

Do not be afraid to use contact swing if you have a runner on 3rd less than 2 outs and it is a key run. I am not saying to never center swing, but your opponents good ones will pick up on your tendencies and not throw you anything to hit. You may get lucky here and there and get mistakes, but this is not a consistent approach.

Look for a pitch that you can do some damage with Inside fastball or hanging curve. I see so many solid players limit themselves online because they are afraid to move their PCI and mix it up! You will only get better in the long run if you start moving your PCI. I hope these tips helped and be sure to share and comment below! Good luck out there! Future of the Madden Classic Revealed. Everything You Need to Know. Top of its Class.