It may seem like a simple mode and, really, it is, but it also offers a lot of room for practice and growth. NCAA Football 13 is great for all the football fanatic. Terms of Use Violations: After week one or week two the sooner or better , cut out anybody that you're trailing significantly points or more particularly if their bonus is bigger giggity than yours. If you jump out to an early lead other programs are less likely to target that recruit and if you can be the sole program considered after the lockout the recruit is yours. Top Wiki Contributors

I suck at recruiting. Tips?

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Sign up for free! Recruiting Guide - after having some success. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. I put my pants on just like the rest of you, one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I write brilliant posts. It sounds like the way recruiting works now is almost the same as it was before, but now the bonus points have been brought out as a 'true' metric.

I remember that having dudes on your board before, that you didn't talk to for weeks, would still gain interest. What you are describing is the same as how I have recruited in the past. Taking the top guys you want badly is always the start of recruiting, and taking a bunch of very interested guys for the bottom of the list is how you round it out. When should you offer scholarships? They don't accept when you offer like previous versions.

JP I Like Cheese. You have to have insta-commit unlocked, which is the highest level. From what I've heard, only Nick Saban among all the college coaches has it unlocked from the get go. I haven't really seen where offering to early to guys you want is a bad thing. I would offer it to the guys you know you want right away if you have the points. I would definitely hold off on offering to guys you're not sure of if you're up. For guys you're in a battle with and are not sure if you want, I'd offer if you have extra scholarships and wouldn't be too upset if they signed.

The only exception, while I agree with most of what you said, is that those guys you don't spend any time at all in will get to the point where they are ready to sign without you spending a point on them.

All due to the bonus points. I had eight to ten guys that I signed, and all I did was spend points on scouting and the scholarship. There were probably 10 more guys I could have signed this way that I didn't because I removed them from the board after scouting them. Also, probably the three most important points you'll spend for the Coach Skills if you have a new coach is maxing out your scouting. Going from 25 percent to percent is a big time and point saver.

If you don't, you're going to spend points and at least four weeks scouting, and you're likely to find you don't want them. Most of your prospects will be found by manually searching for them. Look at the button marked Pipeline States. This will show you a map of the entire country, and you can select a state to see how many recruits are there. The pipeline states themselves are the states that your school favors.

It's always easier to recruit a prospect from a pipeline state than any other state, all else being equal. To search for a prospect, click the Search button. Here, you can set a dozen filters to display players with a specific set of criteria. As you view the results, you can highlight each player listed in turn and press A on the Xbox or X on the PlayStation 3 to set them as targets and add them to your recruiting board. You can't do anything more for your recruiting board in the pre-season; set your redshirts and your depth charts, then head into the season proper.

The overall structure of getting a recruit is pretty simple. Similar to Road to Glory but in reverse, all prospects have a hidden number of points they need to gain interest to sign with a given school. After enough points, they will sign a scholarship with the first school to hit that magic number.

During the regular season, you get 10 hours of recruiting time per week. You spend that time, like points, for every action you take to get a prospect typically divided into chunks of 10 minutes. Still on this screen, the column marked "Importance" shows the main trick behind recruiting. Each prospect has his own priority about what he wants in a college. Some prospects may care about turning pro, and it would be VERY important for them for your school to have high Pro Potential; other prospects may not care at all and just want to know about your Fan Base.

Only target those who are interested in you, dont recruit more than guys at a time Thats the simple version Target those in-state prospects first, then work your pipeline states. I only target 10 guys give each guy and hour and throw them a scholarship offer immediately to get a nice jump on the competition.

If you notice the other schools are not recruiting them and their interest in you is green, cut their recruiting time to 30 mins and start recruiting someone else. Even if they're busts, their ratings should still be higher, right? That actually sounds like a solid idea. If you ever need to make a decision on two players who perhaps appear to be equals then I would scout the two and just focus on whichever has the better stats.

That sounds kind of obvious but that's what it's there for! I find the hardest guys to recruit personally are centers and linebackers. If you get a recruit who has you at the top 3 of schools. If it's a 3 star or less prospect and the schools ahead of you are like Bama and LSU, don't spend a lot of time on them because the AI will completely ignore them.

You spend your large chunks of time on prospects you absolutely need or you have to fight for. If you see a 4 star guy weeks down the road and he's not been touched, He's probably a bust.

Athletes don't seem to get noticed very much in this years game, I picked up a 4star athlete who happened to be a 69 overall but was a 75 overall when position swapped to FS. Everyother FS who was 75 or higher at 4-star was gobbled up by week 6.