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It is exactly this process that often separates the good from the bad bookmakers. Successful betting sites offer a wide variety of deposit options, such as credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid services and other local and international payment methods.

Equally important for any customer is the ability to withdraw their winnings, a process that should be easy to initiate and carried out quickly. We'll only give a bookie a positive review if their deposit methods work flawlessly.

So before you decide to make a deposit, a quick check with us is all you need to determine if your money is in safe hands. When it comes to successfully betting on sports, looking out for the best odds is second only to betting on the right outcome.

Similar to stock traders, smart punters will always seek to optimize the so-called risk-to-reward ratio. Theoretically, this would mean having to compare the odds on all of the countless betting sites in the UK prior to placing each bet.

This is where we at Betting. To make your life easier and to guarantee that you will always receive optimal value, we have created an odds comparison tool for you to use free of charge. Working in much the same way as a price comparison site, it enables you to view odds of all the different betting sites in the UK for a wide variety of bets.

So before you place your next bet, make sure to pay us a visit and get informed. Placing a bet solely based on the best odds for a particular game often means having to open accounts with a variety of bookmakers.

In case you would rather stick to one or two betting sites and still receive favourable odds, make sure to check out our bookmaker reviews. Among other useful information, you will find us rating the overall quality of odds, meaning you can quickly identify betting sites that tend to offer superior value on your bets.

Our advice for when placing your first bets: The sheer number of different betting types and strategies can easily seem overwhelming, so it helps to keep things simple. Keeping you entertained is the bread and butter of every bookmaker. In order to broaden their appeal, many have included additional offerings that go beyond just sports betting. These include casino, poker, bingo and skill games.

Sports betting used to be confined to placing a bet on an outcome prior to the start of a game, but not anymore. The emergence of online bookmakers has boosted the ever-growing popularity of live betting. This involves betting on a game that is currently in progress, allowing for a much more dynamic experience. Thanks to smartphone technology, placing a bet whilst watching a game live is now commonplace in stadiums and other sports venues worldwide.

Should you want to know more about live betting, you can check out to our many articles, which include useful tips and strategies written by experts on the subject. Thanks to these, you can follow a game live on your computer or smartphone, while having the latest odds at your fingertips. Then let us invite you to the strategy section of Betting. Here you will find a variety of useful tips for beginners that help you navigate the world of sports betting.

These include betting on a favourite to minimize the risk when starting off. Should the game take an unexpected turn, placing a live bet on the opposite team to hedge your existing bet might be advisable. Read more on this and many other strategies right here on Betting.

As not all bookmakers have developed apps for iOS or Android, it helps to scan through our bookmaker comparison.

A quick glance will tell you exactly who to choose when on the move. The rise of the smartphone has had a major impact on how most people place their sports bets nowadays. It comes as no surprise that the vast majority of bookmakers have taken considerable efforts to adapt their services to this trend.

This means that you can now directly access your bookmaker of choice through your mobile browser, while some bookies also offer smartphone and tablet apps. If you have ever opened an account with a bookmaker, you will know that being granted a bonus is common courtesy. With new customers, this offer usually takes the form of a deposit bonus, which means that your first transaction will be matched with an additional sum of bonus money. The bigger balance that results not only gives you more freedom to try out the new bookmaker, but also the opportunity to make a nice profit by turning the bonus into real money.

Due to the many different factors that distinguish one bonus offer from the other, we at Betting. In it, you will find key facts, such as maximum bonus amounts, turnover requirements as well as minimum odds and possible limitations on betting markets and payment options. Finding the best bonus while not getting blindsided by complicated terms and conditions has never been easier.

A bonus offer is only as good as its terms. This means that looking beyond the bonus amount is immensely important if you want to avoid disappointment. Keep in mind that you only have limited time to clear the bonus. Also, checking the minimum odds of an offer will reveal if the bonus fits your betting pattern, or if it requires you to place riskier bets than usual. Whatever offer you decide to go for, make sure to pay us a visit beforehand and head to the bonus section, where we review and rate all bonus offers for your convenience.

These will enable you to collect points, which can then be exchanged for bonuses, free bets, free spins, cash or other goodies. To avoid becoming ATMs that hand out free cash, bookmakers will restrict bonuses from being withdrawn until a set of requirements has been fulfilled. These stipulate that you will have to generate a certain amount of turnover, and there may be limitations on minimum odds as well as the time span.

Read the terms carefully or, alternatively, pay our bonus section a quick visit to be in the know. While sports betting first of all should serve as entertainment, it helps to have some help in knowing how to maximize your chances of winning.

As your definitive guide to the world of sports betting, Betting. Be it football, tennis, rugby or American sports, rest assured that our users not only know every relevant statistic, but will also share their analysis and predictions with you.

Out of all the betting sites in the UK list, Betway have consistently come out on top, winning many of our coveted awards.

If you are a beginner looking to enter the world of sports betting, there is no better place to start. Make sure to read our extensive review prior to signing up, so that you know what to expect. If you are new to sports betting, it is advisable to start with safer bets that carry a high chance of success.

Keeping in mind the following pointers will help minimize the risk of being burned at the onset. Before you get going, remember that the most common mistake made by beginners is to pick bets with particularly high odds.

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We partnered with SportCaller to assist with building and rollout out a number of free to play Sports Games for our customers, including the most recent launch of our NBA Hot Shot Jackpot product.

SportCaller have been professional, efficient and extremely easy to work with through the process having delivered a high quality product for us within our time constraints. We have built a strong partnership and look forward to working together through Head of Sports Production. It has surpassed our expectations and delivered great results on new account acquisition and increased betting activity. We have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of these new customers and look forward to working with SportCaller in and beyond.

They have always exceeded our expectations in terms of their service and our audience response in terms of time on site and repeat visits. Channel 4 has been working with SportCaller since early We needed a company that could deliver to broadcast quality standards on application design, usability, performance and security. Lovely team to work with, responsive, great communication and a pro-active attitude.