2019 NCAA Men’s Tournament Championship Odds Tracker

To see the odds for both teams, click on the matchup. Get the Odds at Sportsbetting. However, access to these details is not enough. CBB - MENS NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP - ODDS TO WIN - Nov 10

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The lopsided nature of college ball can make getting any value in betting a chore on a weekly basis. But it does make the futures market a far more attractive play. There are usually only a handful of teams with a realistic chance of winning the national championship in a given season.

The same principle applies to a conference title. In the short three-year history of the CFP system, no team has qualified for the four-team playoff with two losses on its resume. Win totals are also available, but not for every program. Typically, only a select number of power schools are available for betting at online books. Keep in mind that win totals only include the regular season.

Over 50 years of experience. We've been featured in: If we took Pittsburgh, they could win or lose but by no more than 8. Spread odds and lines are usually made by looking at teams average number of points scored in a game.

They also use other information like injuries, home court, and streaks. Moneyline is another type of NCAA basketball bet that can be fun. The moneyline is not as common as the spread because it is much easier to hit, since you are only picking a winner when gambling on NCAA basketball.

When you do find a moneyline bet on college basketball, you have to keep in mind that the payout college basketball odds will not be as good. Moneyline bets are perfect for parlays because they will hit more than the spread.

Totals lines are also very prevalent when looking at NCAA basketball odds. The sportsbooks will allow over or under bets on all totals. The total is merely an estimate of what the actual total score will be.

The payout odds for the totals are generally set at Future bets are some of the most unique lines you will find. The odds for the lines can be very generous depending on which bet you take.

A powerhouse like Pittsburgh will pay odds while a team like Portland State can pay up to These bets are mostly for entertainment value because they are very tough to hit. They have lots of lines for tons of games all through the NCAA season while offering great odds on all these lines.