Predictions for every fight on the UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor main card

November 12, UFC Advantages for Conor McGregor. Fight History Who won last time these two fought? Why Conor McGregor Wins

Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez: UFC elite predict outcome ahead of showpiece event in New York

Eddie Alvarez vs. Conor McGregor

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November 12, UFC Comments Who do you think is a better fighter, and why? Mcgregor will absolutely eliminate alvarez from the entire structure of ufc. The Aldo fight is really hard to evaluate. Mendes almost submitted him on 2 weeks notice.

Alvarez thinks he will execute a similar game-plan to Nate Diaz in his first McGregor fight. The featherweight champion is more optimistic about the outcome than his coaches who still expect a McGregor victory but not in emphatic first-round style. John Kavanagh thinks Alvarez will burn energy in the opening five minutes attempting to take down McGregor.

He believes his student will then capitalise late in the second round with a left hand to finish the fight in parallel with the Chad Mendes bout. John Kavanagh thinks his charge will finish it on the feet with a second round knockout. Michael Bisping - UFC middleweight champion. Michael Bisping weighed in with his view that Alvarez will cling on to his belt in New York.

The UFC middleweight champion thinks that the newly crowned lightweight king will be able to take McGregor to ground and take advantage of superior wrestling. The British fighter gives McGregor the edge in stand-up exchanges and confessed that he hopes to be incorrect with this prediction.

Michael Bisping has surprisingly gone for Alvarez to win by utilising his wrestling. Rafael dos Anjos, the man who was knocked out in devastating fashion by Alvarez to lose the belt, somewhat surprisingly believes McGregor will emerge victorious. Donald Cerrone - No 6 ranked welterweight. Another of Alvarez's former foes, Donald Cerrone, has also sided with team McGregor and the 'Cowboy' would know having defeated Alvarez by unanimous decision.

Rafael dos Anjos was defeated by Alvarez but thinks the American will lose on Saturday. Gegard Mousasi - No 5 ranked middleweight. I believe Alvarez has better conditioning and he has the size advantage. Alvarez could grind it out and get a finish in the later rounds or take a decision.

I think McGregor has a good chance of knocking Alvarez out in the first two rounds though. Right now, I am leaning towards McGregor winning.

Junior Dos Santos - No 4 ranked heavyweight. I think Alvarez will win this fight. Demian Maia No 3 ranked welterweight. But I think Alvarez will win this fight. Alvarez doesn't have the match-up advantages in this fight according to Brad Pickett. Brad Pickett - UFC bantamweight. His striking is much better and he also strikes well when he is the taller guy, which against Alvarez he is.

Of course, Alvarez is a seasoned veteran who has been around for many years fighting the best in the world and has been a champion in many different organisations. However I think he gets hit too much which is something you cannot afford against McGregor.

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