No-Limit 6-max Pre-flop Ranges - Overview

These should not be taken as hard fast rules, but just as general thought guidelines to start your journey into defining your ranges to 4-bet here. Now that 3-betting a wider range is the norm, we need a comprehensive counter strategy to avoid bleeding chips open after open. Now we know everything we need to know about Alice's 4-betting range. 4-Betting & 5-Betting (Video)

Opening Ax offsuit hands from the cuttoff and small blind

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People always talk about how hands like that are too strong to fold, IE an Ace seems strong with only one person in position infront of you, however the fact remains that offsuit medium aces play awful against your opponents calling range.

I would much prefer to have a hand like 79 suited than ace 7 offsuit. The reason for this is because the hand has alot more semi bluff equity where you can flop or turn a number of draws you can play aggressively. However, your opponent will be playing all of the better aces, so when you flop an ace with ace 7, you will never be sure of where your at in the pot when you flop an ace, especially when your out of position to your opponent postflop.

Too many people think that just because you have position you can call 3-bets with a wide range. This is not true, you need to call with hands that do well against there 3-bet range. Common hands people are tempted to call with in position are hands like, 78s, 89s, tjs, jqs, even hands like KQo are often a fold.

Again, everything depends, against people who 3-bet alot you should be widening your range, against nits you should be calling there 3-bets in position very infrequently. Its almost standard for alot of people to make preflop calls in position with hands like suited connectors and medium broadway hands, JQ JK KQ AJ AT etc can be calls some of the time against the most aggressively players, however against alot of opponents I can almost guarantee you that your calling with a too wide range. When you know your opponent thinks like you, it all comes down to levelling and looking for ways to exploit your opponents ranges for imbalances.

However, at nlnl you will encounter a huge selection of regs that vary from being damn right awesome to mediocre at best. When your playing these limits its crucial to assume that not everyone thinks like you. You can also flip things around, so for example, in some spots that look really strong and are getting a ton of folds when I play my strong hands that way, you can start to integrate bluffs into spots where your getting a ton of folds, then play your strong hands in a totally different way to get paid off.

I guess it all really comes down to knowing your opponent and whether he will perceive your bet as strength or weakness, that is the skill, once you can figure that out you can manipulate them whatever way you want for maximum profits. Originally Posted by Salvete April 26th, , You might need to just try and experiment and I should too.

Then you can know that your opponent knows that you could be raising light and four bet light. Just having a reason to four bet light like when we get into the levelling wars part of it can make it much easier to four bet light, especially in that example. If you've seen a person three bet a lot, then four betting them light seems fine especially if you have a tight image yourself. April 27th, , Originally Posted by missjacki.

April 28th, , 4: If I have a tight table image and a decent stack I will definitely 4 bet some middle of the road hands like 9t suited or jq suited, maybe even kj os. The tricky part is getting out of it if necessary with minimal damage, which is sometimes hard to do.

April 28th, , 2: The thing I wonder is how much of a leak you think this is. In your games, how often do you get 3bet in situations where you'd gain by 4betting more? April 28th, , 3: April 29th, , 3: Originally Posted by Arjonius.

April 29th, , 4: I think as I progress and start playing better players, it is quite a leak actually I'm gearing up for WSOP this spring Getting prepared to play good players takes a different kind of thinking about your game.

April 30th, , Originally Posted by Scrover. Sorry to be a party pooper but i personally almost never 4 bet light. Unless it is in a tourney and im 4betting "lighter" FOR VALUE because i think villain is 3-betting light for a re-steal and is capable of making a play like that. And this i do only when im on the button and i get 3bet from any of the blinds.

Other than that i wouldn't advocate 4 bet bluffing for anyone that isn't an advanced player. April 30th, , 3: I suspect that what you're saying isn't the full picture. For instance, you say that if you don't 4bet wider, the better players will be able to recognize your range and adjust accordingly. But if you do go wider, is the same thing not true?

What's more, will you be farther out of your comfort zone in such situations, or will they? Also, while you win more when you 4bet and get a fold than when you steal the blinds, these situations don't occur equally often, so comparing one time of each isn't fully appropriate. Plus you lose more when you get 5bet and fold.

And will the good players 5bet you more or less often once they realize your 4bet range isn't nitty? I'm in no position to gauge whether you're likely to help or hurt yourself in the WSOP if you decide to 4bet lighter. What I'm really getting at is that the decision has possible pros and cons that depend on various factors - how well this change fits the rest of your game, your ability relative to the fields, etc. Originally Posted by vinylspiros.

April 30th, , 4: It is an advanced move that can get you into trouble but that can also be a great tool to have on your belt.. Remember that advanced moves are to be used against advanced players as anyone who does not understand what your 4 bet is suppose to represent also not many novice players are 3 bet bluffing unless its with J4 off and then are 5 bet shoving lol Also you will need very good post flop skills as you will be playing inflated pots and when you miss every card seems to look scary..

But that doesn't mean I can't evolve my game. I wouldn't expect this to show an immediate profit, as there are likely to be some growing pains with any new, aggressive move. I would like to do my experimenting now before I get to Vegas in 2 months April 30th, , 5: I saw this on TV a while ago, I watched this segment 4 times amazed how stone faced she was. Wife says "What are you doing?? She's not THAT good looking". May 2nd, , 7: Originally Posted by Poker Orifice. May 2nd, , 6: He has been doing this kinda stuff a lot and he is very aggressive.

I 4bet to 3, off my stack of about 18k if he folds, I just picked up 1, instead of from winning the blinds. Pot contains 6, if he flats and a Cbet costs me about 3, THIS is the scenario that scares me the most If he check calls the flop, I'll probably shut down on the turn and he'll bluff the river and I might have to make a hero call if I catch 1 pair or something?

I can live with that. It folds to my button, I raise to 1, with SB folds. I put him on the same range, of mostly bullshit and so I jam all in for my remaining 10k which means he has to call 7k so he is getting 1. He will probably fold 99 and lower and may even fold TT. If he does happen to call with the top of his range, almost nothing in that range has a T or 9 in it, so I should be totally live. The worst hand for me to be facing is TT Originally Posted by SeaRun. I posted this because it is in a way related to this tread and some of the comments above.

May 14th, , 8: If u want to fold ur 3betting opp, on the microlimits they'll never gonna do it. If someones 3bets, he'll always goes allin. June 14th, , 6: You have to learn to 9bet sometimes. Sometimes the mind games can get really complicated and fun. It is sooooooo advanced. I'm probably the only player capable of doing it, because I'm on a level beyond all levels. Here is a hand example to show my capabilities: Standard with anytwo given the correct image, stack sizes, and skillsets in my arsenal.

CO is a weak player that utilizes 3-betting to bully opponents. He 3-bets way too much and is inexperienced with 4-betting. It is too advanced for him at this point in his game. He knows the Button knows everything about CO.

SB is one of the best players in the world BB fell asleep waiting for each of us to take 20 minutes to make a decision and his blind was folded. Who said mind games were easy? I am the best player in the world and I haven't even looked at my cards yet, because I'm playing the players.

That's what you got to do. They were all so worried about the CO they didn't see me coming. CO is too weak to continue and folds. What a stupid person. BU is a good player, but he can't withstand the pressure. He doesn't have the balls to 7-bet.

He's too stubborn to fold though so he ends up calling. This is an acceptable play since all 3 of us can have any two cards at this point. BU player has now announced that he has a hand and is willing to put up a fight. This is where the real mind games begin.

You were all probably thinking that these leveling wars were intense. To us players, this is a walk in the park. Button might be struggling a bit, but SB and I do this in our sleep. SB reaches for more chips. At this point it is unlikely for SB to be bluffing. But he knows that I know that. He also knows that I know all of that. I know that too. I know all of that too. He might know that I know that as well, but maybe not.