9 Most Important Tips and Tricks for Badminton Beginners

Most players will turn their body towards where they'll hit to. Your match preparation will directly determine the outcome of the match. Why does badminton player shuffle his shoes in resin? 2. Know how to grip

1. Know the basics

Warm-up for badminton

Small grips are best for small hands and large grips for large hands. Having a flexible wrist will help you to perfect both your forehand and backhand shots. Beware of shuttles which 'wobble' in flight.

A wobbly shuttle indicates that it is on its way out, is of poor quality or faulty and should be returned or disposed of. It is good advice after playing a shot to return to a central base position. By positioning yourself in the middle of your area of play you are more likely to reach opposing shots. The shuttlecock is designed to be lightweight and the slightest breeze can whisk it away.

So if you want to avoid forever retrieving your shuttle, find a place to play indoors. As badminton is a fast-paced, unpredictable game you must be prepared to move in any direction at any given time. So much of badminton is psychological. When starting out with minimal skill, try to understand your opponents psychology and use their weakness to your advantage and catch them out. As badminton requires stamina and agility it is good advice to get involved in other activities that can benefit your game.

Brisk walking and jogging are ideal for providing good all-round knee strength, allowing your knees to cope with the impact during a fast paced badminton game. Also, an effort to increase your flexibility and range of motion through other flexibility-focused activities such as yoga will also benefit your game. The game requires constant thinking and planning, but as a novice these things may take a while to develop.

So when starting out, the best way to develop these skills is to make sure every shot has a purpose and try to keep an eye on as much of the court as possible at all times. Soon your strategy will fall into place. As with any exercise or physical activity, make sure you round off your game with a period of cool-down. Finish as you began, but this time with a gentle walk around the court. You can then focus on some light stretching. Focus on the major muscle groups but you may wish to concentrate on other areas depending on how the game went.

Hold your stretches for around 30 seconds a little longer than in the warm-up to ensure a really deep stretch.

Search Register Login here. To be perfect in this skill is very important for you in order to become a good Badminton player. While it sounds like an easy concept, in fact it is one of the most difficult skills in badminton. Good footwork is simply having the ability to reach the shuttle as early as possible, while on balance.

The earlier you can get to the shuttle, the more choices of shots you have and the more you can pressure your opponent. This lovely game is quite a workout for the mind too, as it requires constant thinking and planning. So when starting out, the best way to develop these skills is to make sure every shot has a purpose and try to keep an eye on as much of the court as possible at all times.

Soon your strategy will fall into place. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. Hire the top 10 software developers. Start Now at toptal. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Let me put the most important tip first. Ideally, you should break into a sweat before entering the court.

Not warming up properly can lead to serious injuries I learned it the hard way. Concentrate on the strokes. Don't rush to play games. Practice hitting accurate tosses, drops, smashes, etc. Work on your precision. Our coach used to draw boxes with chalk to get us to target the right areas. Learn your strokes by the book and practice to perfection. Know your grips forehand, backhand, net and use them in daily practice. I think of it as a choreographed dance. Learn how to 'move' on the court and not run.

It will make you faster and conserve a lot of your energy. See how perfect Lin Dan's footwork is. Thank you for your feedback! Automate your business with Zoho One. No multi-year contracts and no multiple versions. Sign Up at zoho. How do I become a professional badminton player as a beginner? Why are Chinese players so good at badminton?

What should I do to become a good badminton player? What are some tips in playing badminton? For any player, 1. Strength and flexibility of the wrist is very important in badminton.

I suggest to exercise and strengthen the wrist so that it becomes easier to generate power and be delicate with the shots. Get fast on your feet. The right footwork is really important to reach shuttles around the court as well as to stay fit and not get injured.

Warming up and warming down are very essential to keeping the muscles in good shape and avoid injuries. Watch the games of other players, and learn from their matches. What strokes they choose to use, how they play them, tactics employed, trying to catch the details of the match. Once there is an idea, it can be tried out in a person's own game to get a hang of.

This may not be very clear at first, in which case ask a peer or a coach. They will explain the nuances of a technique or tactic. Listen carefully and absorb it. Never give up on practicing even if you get injured or if you lose. Have the fortitude to continue to get better, just for the love of it! Remember to enjoy yourself and doing that will bring out the best in you! Here are some tips that helped me when I was just a beginner: The shuttle you choose should not wobble.

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Start Now at udemy. Footwork Footwork is the core of badminton. Smash Learn to smash harder. Serve The serve is the most important part of the game. Warm-up As we all know that this game involves both stamina and agility, so ensure your body is properly prepared for the game ahead.

Proper Grip Practicing correct grip on racket is very crucial. Ready Position Bent your knees slightly with your feet shoulder width apart.