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There was a toy-size piano and that area was supposed to represent the Lincoln Center. Once the game began it was more than I ever excepted. Here are the details. Main Theater Signature Entertainment

Explore, explore, explore

Bank Heist

If you get stuck, they give you clues and you have four life lines. This is the best I can do without giving away any secrets. By the way, my team didn't get out. After a long day of work, I didn't have much juice left to solving puzzles. I would so do this again. This is the third escape room event I've done and it was by far the best and most challenging.

The rooms here are very different we had four groups of employees go to the different rooms and I think my Russian Space Station escape was the most difficult! The integration of technology made this even more challenging that prior escapes I've attempted. I would definitely recommend this place.

It's just a business, we were rushed through the routine, had a very plain experience. Especially disappointed at the staff. My friends will not come back. I've personally been to a ton of these games, and know exactly what it involves. It was just subpar. She was just short tempered. My group was very polite, we just went quiet after noticing she did not like being questioned.

My group was all first timers and we felt the room was too easy. We got out way before the time, without any help. Puzzles also follow same patterns, no creative elements at all.

We came out very disappointed. We did the mayhem room, it's very boring for ppl with experience, questions were hard but not sophisticated or interesting, just involved a lot of reading and following instructions. There were a lot of locks to open that we needed to go one by one and open, and it was just a waste of time. Nothing technological, very simple room.

We escaped with 10 min to spare. Def not worth the money we paid. The worst experience I've ever had with customer service. On the night of my 23rd birthday I arrived 3 minutes past the 5 minute late mark due to heavy rain and the place being located on the 4th floor of a building, the "supervisor" informed me that I would not be given a refund because I was 3 minutes late.

I called my bank and they informed me the establishment could have easily rejected my transaction and the money would be refunded to my account. Instead they declined to refund me and offered me to go on an hour later, ruining the rest of my plans for the night. I sat in their lobby crying and was forced to go onto the experience even though I did no longer want to. Avoid this place at all costs unless you can control the weather.

My group has played a lot of escapes before, so, knowing that it might not be great if some beginners were grouped with us, we emailed them to let them know, in case they'd be willing to close off a game for us because we didn't have a full 10 people, and other companies have offered to do that before without us even asking.

Boy, was that a mistake. This was a simple question, for a Monday night that had NO other bookings, and instead of just saying yes or no, they decided to CANCEL our booking and told me to take my business elsewhere! My whole group was floored and incredibly disappointed.

What a crazy way to handle the situation. You're better off going to Mission Escape Games, or somewhere else where they actually value their customers. This place was a lot of fun! I'd never done anything like it before! Being locked in a room and in a jail cell for me , our group tried hard to find the clues around the room to unlock doors and secret compartments leading to the discovery of the key to the front door. Though the place was fun, it could use a bit of updating.

Also, some of the clues were extremely difficult to figure out and wouldn't be possible without the hints displayed on the in-room television. I'd definitely go back to try out a different scenario. As someone who doesn't drink, finding social activities in Manhattan that don't involve libation can be a very difficult task. Hands down, one of the best birthdays ever. We played Manhattan Mayhem with a group of six.

For an activity in the city, it's a pretty good deal I can't speak for all the games as we only played the one so far, but I'm sure they're all the same I don't want to spoil the game for you but nothing in that room is a coincidence.

I couldn't stop discussing how well thought-out everything was for hours after we left. Teamwork is absolutely required, and I honestly wish we had a couple more people. A lot of strategizing is needed We JUST missed the time limit, but now we have a game plan for future games, no matter what room we're in! Also, make sure you pay attention to the hints! The staff there was very friendly and enthusiastic.

They didn't make us feel bad when we lost lol After your game, they take a photo of your group with funny little props pertaining to the game you played we had stuffed monkeys and jungle hats. Finding the place is a bit weird because the outside is kind of blank and it's inside what looks like an office building The waiting room is small but cozy with couches to play little games on while you wait, so don't worry about getting there too early! The room we played in was well lit and colorful and really got us in the mood.

As soon as we can get all our flaky friends together for another night out, we're so coming back and beating this thing. While we will try a different game, I really liked Escape Entertainment and plan on returning to this location because the price was right and the creativity was impressive.

This was a lot of fun! I came here on a company outing and each team had about 8 people. We were in the Manhattan Mayhem room with the escaped monkeys. Without going into too many details and giving the game away, I will say that teamwork is involved indefinitely! I wished it was more interactive and more obstacle challenged puzzles but it was a lot of fun when you finally get the code to get out.

We had 11 minutes left and were the first to escape amongst the teams! Try come in a group of at least 5 as there are plenty of puzzles and games to play.

I will be back to try the alien course next Top notch entertainment and team building! Went back to try a 2nd room, and it did not disappoint. Highly recommend Manhattan Mayhem I would highly recommend Escape Entertainment.

I did the Alien Attack room today, and had a blast. I've done a lot of escape rooms, so not just any room will impress me, but I had a fantastic time from start to finish doing this room. There were four people in my group, and I felt this was the perfect number.

The room had multiple puzzles that could be worked on at the same time, which was fantastic. Everyone could stay busy working in groups of one or two on a puzzle, and have a high level of participation. At no point was any member of the group hanging back with nothing to do, which to me is a huge factor in separating the good escape rooms from the bad.

I would warn against bringing in a group larger than 6 if it's important to you that everyone be involved. Usually I don't particularly care about the story line of a room, but the story here was executed in a way that really added to the experience. The design of the room was great. The technology was impressive, and worked flawlessly.

I've been in more than one room in which the technology was broken and ruined the experience, so when I walked in the room and was handed a smart phone I was apprehensive. But there was no need to worry. I also want to commend the designers for providing each team member a flashlight. It's frustrating to be in a dark room and unable to search for anything because there's only one flashlight to share amongst 10 people, but since each team member was given their own light this was not an issue.

Although, on that note, there was no searching to be done. This was a plus for me because it meant the room was exclusively puzzles and I've never loved searching in the first place. The puzzles in the room were unique, and there were no crazy leaps of logic. I would describe every puzzle as fair, and at no point did I wonder to myself 'how did they expect me to know that? Excited to go back and do the other rooms.

Escape Entertainment Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. Maybe I'll try to see their other rooms.

We had a great first escape experience last weekend. One of the bigger rooms which allowed our group is 10 to take on the puzzle. This was my first Escape the Room experience and it was fun. We came here for a work team event. I will be back to try the alien course next.

Top notch entertainment and team building! Escape Entertainment takes escape the room games to new heights! The world-class group of professionals who designed our facility and games includes acclaimed professional game designers and an elite team of set designers and master craftsmen whose previous works have been featured at the White House, MoMA, Broadway and many movie and television sets, among other high profile locales.

The adventure guides who host the games all hail from the performing arts world which only adds to the quality of this immersive experience. Specialty group packages are available. For more information, availability and group rates, please call us! Escape Entertainment was founded to elevate the quality of escape the room games and broaden their appeal to all walks of life.

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We kid, of course, but skills like being observant and communicating can fall by the wayside when tensions run high. Use these Escape Room tips in addition to some less intuitive ones to really feel like a genius the next time you encounter an Escape Room.

We ask only a few things of our guests, one of which is to not physically break any of the items in the room. Those cost money, ya know! Outside of that, we encourage our participants to do anything they feel they need to in order to get closer to the next step. See if the pictures move. Open up all the drawers you can. Flip through the books. As dedicated as we are to scenery, few things are placed in a room for their aesthetic value alone. One issue we see is that groups get too fixated on a particular detail when they should still be hunting for other clues, hints and leads.

A great solution is to multitask, assigning some in your group to bang their heads against a puzzle not literally, please! Any time you feel like you found a dead end, there is often something else you could be doing or potentially an outside solution to the puzzle you have in your hands. Or it could even be a red herring!

If nothing else, taking a break from an element that is frustrating you can give you the clarity you need to discern a solution. Communicating with the rest of the group is key.

If you find something that might be a clue, announce it! If you feel like you are close to a solution but need some input, ask your teammates for their thoughts. Not communicating will almost certainly doom you to fail, whereas engaging with one another can make you smarter by magnitudes.

Also, make sure to listen to one another and encourage input from the more docile minds in the group.