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They cannot score unless they come into the circle. Help answer questions Learn more. When most players practice their shot, they just practice Change This, Score More! Should you tweak your stride? Hockey Monkey

Anyone can learn hockey – Even You

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How about your stickhandling? Sitting down and taking the time to think back to your season, and identifying areas of your game that need improvement are important first step to taking your game to the next level this summer! I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire Olympic Gold Medal game, sitting just eight rows off the ice! We all want to become a better hockey player. The question is, what is the best path for development? USA Hockey's ADM Program is an excellent age-appropriate model providing a framework for developing skills throughout a youth hockey career.

One example is the importance of small area games. A great video making a case for small area games at the younger ages shows adult hockey players playing on a giant ice rink equal to that of what an eight year old might feel like on a full sized rink.

He trains hockey players all the way from minor levels, to pro levels. This week's video is coming at you from the Toronto Maple Leafs practice facility, featuring the Buffalo Regals. I caught them warming up their hands before their game, and asked them if I could borrow them to help with a video concept I was working on.

If you want a better feel for the puck on On top of baking your skate, molding your skate, and doing everything you can to make your skate comfortable, skate blade profiling can greatly help your skating ability. There's lots of options out there, enough to make your head spin. You can have a forward lean, reverse lean, centered lean, what I have written a guide to stickhandling accompanied with a 30 minute stickhandling training video. What skill do you want to improve?

Anyone can learn hockey — Even You Do you want to become a better hockey player? So how do you improve your shot? Keep practicing shooting the puck in your basement, garage, backyard and anywhere you have a chance. As you move forward with your shot training process, it is important that you keep the following three factors in mind:. At our camps we like to talk about players going to where the puck will be, not where it is. The great goal scorers have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and that all comes with good hockey intelligence.

Keep watching your favorite goal scorers and pay attention to how they read the play. Players can learn a lot from watching hockey and becoming students of the game.

This seems obvious, but it still amazes me how many times players have a chance to score and simply miss the net! Much of the time this is because they don't have their head up and they aren't taking that extra split second to pick out a target.

One of the skills we preach a lot about at our summer camps is keeping your head up.