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A piece of equipment usually made of leather or nylon, which fits on a horse's head. Twice a course and distance winner and is sliding down the handicap. A horse color that varies from a yellow-tan to a bright auburn. Irish Racing Tips

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Sports Betting Picks - Winning Picks. For the best answers, search on this site https: Related Questions In horse racing terms what does nap mean? What does RR mean in Horse racing betting terms? What is the term "ridden out" mean in horse racing? So what do we have in store? You can place bets on horse race statistics simulated inside the app and earn coins. Use this coins to acquire best horse jockey pairs in the world and climb the leaderboard ladder to the top of the world.

Challenge players across the world using your horse jockey pairs and earn trophies. You can place offline bet at any time to win big. Also online bets which is played every 10 minutes gives you an option to place bets on races along with all players across the globe at the same time. Higher payout ratio in online bets ensures that you can win heavily if you correctly predict online bets.

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Everyone Please update to version 2. Bug Fixes and UI Optimisations. For support please contact us. Horse Racing is the most authentic 3D horse racing game on phones and tablets!

Horse Racing is a horse racing simulation game for placing bets on the horses. Follow cricket rates and other betting odds on Betfair. Racing Internet Services Pty Ltd. Australia's biggest Horse Racing site now has an Android app!