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Click here to update. Automatic flash installer detection does not work properly on linux, x86 systems. It will display white screen in Gameday tab. Visit Adobe to install Flash version 9. This will work for Firefox, Mozilla, and SeaMonkey. Restart and come back to Gameday. If you have attempted to uninstall flash plug-in in the past without running appropriate uninstaller , the plug-in may not operate properly.

To fix this issue, run the uninstaller again to completely remove all components, and then click here to install flash again. Exclusive real-time batter vs. Exclusive Feature Description In-line Audio Listen to the live radio broadcast of the game in-line while following pitch-by-pitch, choosing from either the home or away team's flagship radio station broadcast.

The Nasty Factor incorporates several different factors for each pitch, including: Velocity — The greater the pitch's velocity — as compared to that pitcher's and the league's range of speed for that pitch type — the greater the nastiness; Sequence — The more the pitcher mixes up his pitches, the greater the nastiness… and certain pitch sequences are nastier than others, too; Location — The closer to the edges of the strike zone is, the greater the nastiness, while pitches closer to the middle of the plate, and farther away outside the strike zone, decrease in nastiness; Movement — The more movement the pitcher applies to the pitch — as compared to that pitcher's and the league's range of movement for that pitch type — the greater the nastiness.

Red and pink zones show where the batter outperforms his season OPS or where the pitcher betters his season OPS allowed Light and dark blue zones show where the batter underperforms his season OPS or where the pitcher is worse than his season OPS allowed. White zones show where the batter's performance is comparable with his season OPS or where the pitcher's performance is comparable to his season OPS allowed. Velocity Pitch Type Movement Release Point This enables you to tell if a pitcher is losing bite on his slider, throwing harder to get through one more inning, relying more on off-speed pitches as the game goes on, or dropping his arm angle as he fatigues.

Complete game viewing experience with video highlights of selected key plays delivered within minutes. National blackout rules apply.