NBA 2K16 and the NBA Series Fantasy Camp

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Drafting Strategies


From choosing an archetype, you move on to many of the typical creation decisions, like height, weight, and wingspan. How you shape yourself from the very beginning has a huge impact on what type of a player you will become. For example, you can see here when adjusting height, a taller point guard will lose a little bit in things like speed and shooting ability, but gain in things like dunking and rebounding. Our main intention with this is to create a wider variety of player types than ever before, each offering a different style of gameplay and a completely unique experience in the mode.

My favorite part about this is the amount of replayability it adds, not just for the way the story unfolds around you, but in how much extra it can offer you in related modes like MyPARK and 2K Pro-Am. The Story Speaking of the story, we might as well dig in. In NBA 2K16, we took a rather different approach. This year, we wanted to bring the emphasis back on the court to the game of basketball, and with a much more dynamic and interactive story element.

In our early brainstorming meetings, one of the ideas that resonated most with us was the concept of a dynamic duo. And so Justice Young was born. More than anything, Denver brings fun to the team. His sense of humor is evident from the very beginning, and he helps give MyPLAYER an outlet and someone to relax with when the pressures are mounting.

As MyPLAYER deals with yet another transition — new teammates, a new city, new coaches — for the third year in a row high school, college, and now the NBA , all of these characters play important roles in helping him finding his way. The Barber Shop One other important goal for us this year was to continue to improve the quality of the actors.

As you can see in the screenshots, Justice is played by Michael B. Having an actor of his caliber was amazing, and he set the tone from the very beginning for the rest of the cast. Aaron was a writer for the movie Creed, so teaming him up with Michael B. Jordan was a natural fit. The way you play the game and the decisions you make off-the-court will change the way you experience the narrative. Even our new text messaging system more on that below plays an important role, as how and when you choose to do things, as well as the way you respond in personal conversations, will help to dictate what is going on around you over the course of the season.

Orange Juice Orange Juice? As their relationship develops, Orange Juice becomes a nickname for the two of them, and a key element in the story. Think of the Splash Brothers, or Showtime. Orange Juice Perhaps even more exciting though, is what it signifies on the court. Not only can you tell Justice to do things like cut to the basket, take a shot, or isolate, you can also switch over and control him entirely. It really adds an exciting twist to what is already a greatly enhanced gameplay experience.

We have had so much fun around the office finding ways to work the two-man game within the offense, and then hearing the characters react and interact after the game to a great or not-so-great performance only adds to the immersion.

In NBA 2K16, we introduced the ability to choose between practice, connections, and endorsements on your off-days. This year we took it to a whole new level.

The practice gym is always open, so putting in work is never a bad idea. Maybe you want to take up some of your time earning extra VC making an appearance for a local endorsement company. Cultivating that relationship could be very beneficial, both in terms of earning fans and other rewards, and in connecting with other players around the league.

And our Off-Court AI system will be constantly evaluating your play and your relationships with players, endorsement companies, and other people around the league to determine what opportunities will become available to you next. In past years, this type of communication was very primitive, and usually one-way. This year, the conversations are completely interactive. You decide what to say and how each conversation will unfold.

Instead of waiting weeks and weeks for shoe companies to come around, in NBA 2K17, you make the decision right at the beginning of your career, just like a real NBA rookie would. Each company offers different benefits. Some will give you more swag right away, while others will require you to work harder to move up the ladder.

As your star continues to rise, more companies will come calling. A company like Mountain Dew might be looking for a flashier player, while a company like Spalding is more interested in players that exhibit strong ball handling abilities. If you fit either of those criteria, expect those companies to reach out sooner rather than later. And this concept extends to players too, by the way. Steph Curry will connect with you sooner if you make a lot of deep threes or sign with Under Armour.

The reason they good trade targets is because they have fat contracts that are set to expire in a year or two and that leaves money for pursuing superstar free agents. If I were you, we all know there is no way the Bobcats are winning a title the first year, so i would trade away anyone expendable for players with expensive deals that only have one year on them preferably , maybe two. Keep your players happy to gain reward points, and just tank the season.

Now, its the offseason, and this is where the magic happens. First, you do the draft pick trade trick by trading a role player whose contract didnt expire and a 2nd rounder, and then you go through the lottery. Hopefully you will have 2 top-5 selections considering your own pick should be high becuase your record was terrible in the draft. If there are a lot of quality prospects, then do your scouting and draft 2 blue chip prospects. If there is a really thin draft class or you just dont think anyone is good or will fit, then flip your picks for a decent starter or good young player, or package Kemba with the two picks to get a top flight guy like DeMarcus Cousins or someone along that line.

Say you have two good prospects that you need SG and PF preferably and you draft them. Now, you have a bunch of money to spend, and both CP3 and Dwight are on the market. If you kept Kemba, it makes a ton of sense to go after Dwight. If you traded Kemba away for Cousins or something, you might want to go for CP3. Give whichever guy you're going for all the money and player options and such that they want, because both are the unquestioned best players at their positions by a long shot.

If you get this lineup and have a bench that isnt terrible, then you should contend for a ring the first year, and you should definitely win a ring by the time Dwights contract with you expires. Also, one last tip, Coaching is a major help toward a good team.

This should run you 3,5 to 4M out of your staff budget, so get a decent Assistant hopefully with A potential and sign him.

Now, you have a championship level team, a coach that will grow with your team, and you should be right in the hunt for a title! I have used this method many a time and won countless championships and started many dynasties using this plan.

Money With Sports Bet http: This Site Might Help You. The next year the should increase the picks by 5 or so and by then Walker and MKG should be 80 s and then keep cap space and sign a star at the off season and your set for the playoffs keep developing your young players and you ll win a championship in the 4 year or so. This works I used this method for the Cavs. Made the playoffs after the second year.

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