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We are one of the most trusted and established online platforms for Sports Betting Singapore. Of course football is the most bet on sport in Singapore, so I will conclude this article by focusing on that. Here are QQBET we can provide you with all you online sports gambling needs; all you have to do is sit back, relax and bet! What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Deposits and Payouts at Foreign Bookmakers

Sports Gambling Singapore Allows For Big Features In Game Betting

However, no player has ever been arrested or fined for betting online in Singapore when using legal online bookies from the UK, Philippines or any other overseas jurisdiction. Also, the way online deposits and payouts work, noone will ever know what your money is being used for. An account with a foreign bookie works very similarly to those offered by Singapore Pools. With online bookies you however only need to be age 18, as opposed to 21 with SG Pools.

The part that is the same is that you need an account balance to bet. While we once had access to Skrill, Neteller and other ewallet services, now our options for funding an account are more restricted. However, there are still plenty of easy to use choices.

The most popular way to deposit online is still credit and debit cards. These can be used at every site that currently takes Singapore players. Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards all work. Unionpay has more limited support but can still be used at a select number of Singapore betting sites. Another option that is becoming more and more popular is Bitcoin. While other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum can also be used, Bitcoin is still the market leader by a long way and is accepted by nearly all betting sites that take Singapore users.

Webmoney, OKPay, Payeer and Perfect Money are also options though you will have much more success using a credit or debit card or Bitcoins. Another great feature of online betting is most websites offer some form of sign-up incentive. You are not forced to take the bonus.

It is wise to have accounts at each of the sites that support Singapore dollars listed on this page. As I said in the introduction to this article, at SG Pools it is only possible to bet on football and Formula 1. So immediately we can see the obvious benefit of using online bookmakers — namely they offer odds on way more sports and markets.

These include tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball, golf, darts, snooker, cricket, hockey and baseball to name but a few. Of course football is the most bet on sport in Singapore, so I will conclude this article by focusing on that. Both SG Pools and online sportsbooks offer a variety of football betting markets. To run through them quickly here are the details. While all of the above wagering options are available at SG Pools, they are also available online at better odds. Without getting too advanced, bookmakers offer odds in order to make a profit.

When you bet online, using multiple sites is possible. This is extremely easy to do, though especially so if you use Bitcoin for fast deposits and withdrawals. The major football betting market missing from SG Pools is Asian handicap. The result is one team is always a large favorite have to stake a lot to win a little and the other an underdog can win a lot for a small stake. At online bookies many different Asian handicaps are available including ones that are close to even money wagers and ones that can push tie.

If you bet a handicap of -1 and the team wins by exactly 1 it is a tie all bets refunded. Also Asian handicap can use a handicap of 0. They can also use 0. The obvious reason this is not offered at SG Pools is this is the form of football betting where the bookmaker has the lowest advantage.

By using multiple bookmakers to shop Asian handicap odds it, is possible for a recreational player to negate the entire house advantage. Betting with true fair odds obviously provides the best chance of creating a winning gambling run. Another form of wagering popular on the internet is accumulators.

This is simply combining multiple wagers into a single bet. You can do two bets called a double, three bets called a treble, or 4-fold, 5-fold, etc.

While the big accumulators are tough to win these can provide large payouts relative to stake. Putting 9 random selections from 1X2 markets in a 9-fold accumulator often pays over 30,to Online bookies offer football odds for matches held all over the world. They also have Asian leagues including S. In fact, pretty much every football league from every country is covered. There are also more markets online than can be found at SG Pools.

Some of the additional ones include scorecast, draw no bet, bookings, total corners and prop bets such as which goal keeper will touch the ball last. While I could cover much more about the reasons to choose foreign betting sites over SG Pools, I will just leave it by saying to try out the websites listed on this page.

If you have any questions on how a specific bet works — most websites have live chat support. Online gambling sites are no different. Determine all the important questions that need to be answered before putting your money on the line. The sites listed above are the gambling sites we recommend for you.

Give each of their reviews a quick read before deciding which gambling sites to play and bet in. There are some that are more well-rounded with reliable sources compared to the rest. You just need to search for them and do your research. We are proud and confident to say that we are the right online sportsbook for you because we provide you with accurate and detailed stats, bonus specials, pays winner quickly, articles, tutorials for beginner players and good reviews.

QQBET is an online betting sports platform based in Singapore, providing all the necessary information you need for your gambling needs. We also highly value the enjoyment of our customers and players.

Here are QQBET we can provide you with all you online sports gambling needs; all you have to do is sit back, relax and bet! Comments or questions are welcome. Sportsbook Are you into online betting or sports gambling?