One Handed Backhand Like Stan

Mental Toughness Need Motivation? It's not identified in the coaching literature, few if any pros are teaching it, but all the top players use it. The semi-Western backhand grip can be found by resting your heel pad and index knuckle on bevel number eight. He was able to do this as part of his overall training that took him 50 places higher in the rankings. Welcome to Reddit,

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First always bring your racquet back as early as possible and drop the racquet low-think justin henin. If your racquet is anywhere near waist level when you bring it back, it is too high.

Drive the ball in an upward motion and follow through on your shot. Of course your feet must be planted on the court and your motion is forward.. Related Questions How do I hit a better one-handed backhand? Do you hit your backhand with 2 hands or 1 hand? How to hit a one handed backhand? Why do some people hit their backhand with just one hand? Do I need to switch right hand grip when hitting two handed backhand?

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Why are they calling the black girl Japanese? You really need to try out both and decide which one is better for your game. If you want my personal opinion, you should hit a two handed top spin backhand, but also have a one handed slice backhand in your arsenal. This way, you enjoy the pros of a two handed backhand while being able to mix up your backhand and your opponent with a slice. With regards to handling a high backhand, a two handed backhand is much better than a one handed backhand.

Look at the difference between Rafael Nadal vs. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal vs. Nadal consistently hits his high-bouncing, lefty forehand to Federer's one handed backhand, and this is a clear advantage for Nadal -- and, quite frankly, the reason Nadal has been so successful against Federer. When Nadal is playing Djokovic, Djokovic is able to handle Nadal's high-bouncing, lefty forehand because of his two handed backhand.

The one hander is a more versatile shot and paired with a good slice can be a great combination. There are three problems though: It is a more comfortable shot when the ball drops a bit low, at least around the waist or so. That is a luxury not often afforded in today's tennis. The grip change from a semi western forehand to a continental backhand can be tough to manage. Lastly, you have to put a lot of body weight into the backhand. Especially once you start hitting with a racquet with decent mass, as yours truly learnt from painful first hand experience.

This may or may not work for recreational players depending on their level. Certainly a passive, immobile stance without footwork will not work when you hit the one hander. One advantage of a one-handed backhand not mentioned is that it is easier to disguise a slice or a drop shot. Also from a purely esthetic viewpoint, a well hit topspin backhand is about the most beautiful shot in tennis. The one handed backhand really only has two obvious weaknesses in the hands of a top player.

The serve return and the high ball. It has a few notable strengths. Players with one handed backhands tend to have much better backhand slices, better reach, and access to side spin. The two handed is not more powerful or consistent.

The one handed is, however, harder to learn. Once it get's locked in though, it's a good stroke. You can easily change to forehand. Heavier spins and more control. Not recommended when you're forced to stretch to return a ball.

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